Yokohama New Year's Fire Review 2018

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横浜消防出初式2018 ~集い 学び 楽しめる 安全安心フェスティバル ~
横浜消防出初式2018 ~集い 学び 楽しめる 安全安心フェスティバル ~

Yokohama's firefighters and emergency responders show off their life-saving prowess at this dynamic demonstration, which includes all sorts of spectacular drills and performances. An annual January highlight at the Red Brick Warehouse, it also features gigs, dances and all sorts of fun for the young ’uns – those who'd like to ride a fire truck on the day will need to apply in advance via postcard or email. If your Japanese is up to par, send an email with your name, address and phone number to


Event phone: 045-334-6516
Event website:
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