Yomiuri Land Halloween

Things to do

If you're looking for family-friendly Halloween fun, head straight to Yomiuri Land. The expansive park will be all fancied up for the occasion: friendly monsters will be on hand to greet visitors, kids can take part in all kinds of pumpkin-themed games, and the restaurants will be serving spooky specials until the end of October. If you're brave enough, enter the hounted house 'Hyuuuuuudoro', or meet the many zombies walking along the zombie street every weekend and on October 31 from 5pm. 

On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from September 29 and on Wednesday October 31, anyone visiting the park in costume gets in for free. To top things off, the park's annual 'Jewellumination' light-up will be turned on every evening at sunset from October 10.


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