Travel with Sidekick

Recommendations, translations and more from your local travel assistant are just a few taps away

Photo: Sebastian Sammer/Unsplash

Smartphones are prevalent these days, making it easier than ever to travel. Get a personal touch with Sidekick, which connects you to a local via messaging app (Line, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp). Sidekick is like having a local buddy helping you out, they’ll be on hand to answer any questions from translating a kanji-filled menu or recommending restaurants based on what you’re in the mood for. 

After signing up you’ll fill out a questionnaire with your trip details and personal preferences. Whether you want to find the most affordable Michelin starred restaurant or you need directions around the labyrinth of Shinjuku, your local buddy is ready to help. 

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One-day pass

Available from 7am to 5pm for one day. 

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Three-day pass

Available from 7am to 5pm for three days.

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Five-day pass

Available from 7am to 5pm for five days.

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