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It’s out: Liverpool is hosting Eurovision 2023

Oh my God, it’s happening. EVERYBODY STAY CALM

Ella Doyle
Written by
Ella Doyle

It’s happened. It’s here. Everyone calm down. They’ve just announced the host of Eurovision 2023. We’re screaming, you’re screaming, you know the drill. The incredibly lucky city that will be hosting the competition next year is none other than Liverpool!

Yes, it’s true. After what seemed like decades of waiting (although it’s actually been more like a year), we can finally make some serious plans for 2023. Last year’s competition was held in Turin, Italy, and made for some seriously spectacular television, and now we get to see what Liverpool is going to bring to the table.

Ukraine’s entry, Kalush Orchestra’s ‘Stefania’, was voted the winner. And in a moment of mainly surprise, the UK came second. Record-breaking stuff for the UK after years of embarrassing ourselves. 

Anyway, it’s here, and 2023 promises to be even more brilliant than 2022. So bring it on. Here’s everything we know about next year’s Eurovision. 

Where will Eurovision 2023 be held?

Today it was announced that Eurovision will be held in Liverpool, at the M&S Bank Arena. It had beat out Glasgow, after those two cities made the final shortlist. Other cities that had previously been in contention were Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle and Sheffield

When is Eurovision 2023?

Yep, we haven’t just got the host city, we’ve got the dates too. Eurovision 2023 will be held on May 13. Last year’s actual competition started at 8pm, so we can assume next year’s will kick off at a similar time.

Who are the favourites to win next year’s contest?

The bookies favourite to win next year’s contest is Ukraine (they’ve got a 22 percent chance of bringing home the prize again, apparently). Italy is the second favourite, at 8 percent, and the UK is third likeliest to win, at 7 percent. In fourth place is Sweden, followed by Spain in fifth and Norway in sixth. 

Who won last year?

Ukraine won the competition last year with a whopping 631 points – its third win in the history of Eurovision. And if the odds are accurate, the country will take home the crown for a fourth time. 

Has a host ever won?

Now, the big question on all of our lips is now that Liverpool is hosting, does it give the UK better chance of winning? The answer is probably not, according to the polls – but it has happened before. Six times, in fact. 

The host nation has won nearly 10 percent of competitions since the competition began. The first example is Spain, who won while hosting in 1969, followed by Luxembourg’s win in 1973. Israel won in 1973, and Ireland won in 1993 and 1994. So it wouldn’t be unheard of, tbh. 

How to get tickets for Eurovision 2023

Ticketing details for Eurovision 2023 haven’t been announced yet. However, Eurovision organisers have advised that fans should check on their socials to find out more details over the coming weeks.

But don’t panic if you don’t get tickets for the big day straightaway. The good news is there will actually be nine shows to get tickets to, spread across the entire Eurovision week. 

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