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Nemesis Reborn ride in Alton Towers theme park
Photograph: Alton Towers

One of the UK’s most legendary rollercoasters has had a massive makeover

Alton Towers’ Nemesis has glowed up – and it’s due to reopen this Saturday

Annie McNamee
Written by
Annie McNamee

We all need some me time, some designated rest and recuperation hours. It turns out, even roller-coasters need a bit of a makeover once in a while, even if they do have slightly terrifying names like ‘Nemesis’.

Eighteen months ago, Alton Towers’ Nemesis closed to the public, and has been undergoing renovations ever since. This Saturday, she’s back, and she’s changed so much you’ll barely even recognise her. She’s even going by a brand new name: Nemesis Reborn.

So what work has Nemesis had done? Well, to start, a pretty impressive paint job. The near kilometre worth of track has been redesigned to be even more intimidating than before, and immersive technology has been put in place to ensure the scariest, ‘oh god why did I let my friends convince me to do this’ ride you’ll ever experience.

The rollercoaster has an antagonist, because that’s something you’re present enough to consider when you’re travelling at 50 miles an hour. The eponymous Nemesis itself has had a glow up too, and is now more involved in the coaster’s story than before.

John Burton, a creative lead at Merlin parks, said that the group has pulled out all the stops to create Nemesis Reborn. He described how Nemesis had been an industry leader, being the first inverted roller-coaster in Europe, and how he hoped that its new iteration will be a ‘rollercoaster experience that is truly unrivalled and will set the standard for the next 30 years’.

Nemesis Reborn will open this Saturday, March 17, and you can learn more about it or book your ticket to ride here.

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