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Campsite in Wales, UK
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Revealed: the UK’s cheapest camping spots

Pitching a tent can be as cheap as £4.50 per person

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Henrietta Taylor

Sure, wet British weather makes the idea of flying far, far away for the summer seem very tempting indeed. But hiked-up holiday prices plus legit environmental concerns about air-travel habits mean that you might want to stay a little closer to home. And if you’re sticking around for a staycation, how better to experience the Great British outdoors than a camping holiday? 

If you want to go camping but don’t want to pay loads to pitch your tent, we’ve got just the thing. Outdoor accommodation specialists have done a tonne of research and revealed the cheapest camping spots in the UK. And some of them are really, truly, mind-bendingly affordable. Here are the top five cheapest camping locations in’s study. 

1. Bristol

Taking the top spot as the most affordable camping destination is Bristol, where the average price for two adults is apparently just £11.32. If you’re a solo camper, pitches can cost as little as £4.50 per night. Some of the cheapest pitches include Dagger Wood Campsite and a sprawling park on a family farm, both located close to Clutton.

2. The Orkney Islands

Next up are the Orkney Islands. With prices averaging just £14.26 per night for two adults, this coastal getaway is a steal when compared to far pricier holidays to France or Spain. One of the best deals is an eco-friendly stay at Wheems Organic Farm Bothy and Campsite on South Ronaldsay, which is just a five-minute drive from Saint Margaret’s Hope. Their honesty shop offers fresh eggs and veggies, and guests are welcome to pick herbs and salad leaves from the garden.

3. Caithness 

The Scottish region of Caithness offers ancient castles, rugged coastlines and mysterious, scenic moors for a price that won't break the bank – and its average pitch costs a measly £18.67 a night for two adults. picks out the peaceful Wick River Campsite, which is located on the banks of the Wick River and only a ten-minute walk from amenities like pubs and shops. 

4. Worcestershire 

Coming fourth with an average two-adult price of £19 per night is Worcestershire. Lickhill Manor Caravan Park is apparently the place to head here, which is next to the River Severn and a quick stroll from the canal town of Stourport-on-Severn.

5. South Yorkshire 

Boasting spectacular scenery and breathtaking wild moors, south Yorkshire is a wonderful place to pitch a tent. And at an average of £19.32 per night for two it’s pretty affordable, too. Highlighted in the study is Broad Close Farm, which is just outside the village of Silkstone.

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