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Manchester airport, UK
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The UK’s worst airport terminals right now have been revealed

A new study has ranked British air hubs based on queue lengths, customer satisfaction scores and more

Annie McNamee
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Annie McNamee

This weekend, thousands of families will flee the cold and showers of early British springtime for warmer, winter-coatless lands. If you are one of the lucky ones jet-setting away from what’s looking like a pretty dreary Easter weekend, you might like to know that storage company Bounce has been crunching some numbers and ranked the worst airport terminals in the UK

Looking at several different factors including customer score, queues at the terminal and baggage reclaim, and the range of shops/amenities, the company compared every major UK airport terminal and gave each an overall weighted ranking.

In doing so, Bounce uncovered that the absolute worst terminal in the country is, drumroll please… Terminal 3 at Manchester Airport! Swiftly followed by the same airport’s Terminal 1 in second place. 

Well done Manchester. You officially have the airport most likely to cause family fall outs/tension/headaches. You also scored pretty abysmally in every category, with not one of your three terminals achieving above 50 percent customer satisfaction. The main issue seems to be with queues, which were rated one or two out of five across the board in the northern travel hub.

Terminal 2 was marginally better, at fifth on the list, beaten out only by London Luton and Stansted. All of these airports had more people saying they were dissatisfied than not, so perhaps best to prepare for the worst if you’re travelling through any of them this weekend.

The 10 worst airport terminals in the UK

  1. Manchester T3 
  2. Manchester T1 
  3. London Luton 
  4. London Stansted 
  5. Manchester T2
  6. Birmingham
  7. Edinburgh
  8. London Gatwick South
  9. London Heathrow T3
  10. London Heathrow T2

On the flip side, travellers flying from Liverpool John Lennon can breathe a sigh of relief, as it topped the list with an overall 82 percent in customer satisfaction. Whilst it is slightly underwhelming to discover that no airport in the entire country leaves any more than 8 out of 10 people feeling like ‘yeah, that was fine,’ it is good to know that they aren’t all that bad.  

You can discover where your favourite airport’s terminals sit on the rankings on Bounce’s website here, but be warned: unless it’s a very small one, it’s probably not doing very well. If you are planning your travels for this Easter weekend, make sure to double check you’re not heading off at peak times and risking getting caught in hours of traffic.

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