This brand-new affordable airline is launching flights from the UK

New carrier Lufthansa City is launching routes from Birmingham and Manchester this summer

Annie McNamee
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Annie McNamee
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Lufthansa City plane
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Let’s face it: the UK’s a bit rubbish right now. Everything’s expensive. It’s cold. Tuberculosis might be making a comeback. It makes sense that loads of us are looking for any excuse to flee, and doing so is set to become even easier.

Lufthansa City Lines is the new kid at the airport. She’s young, she’s chic, and she’ll be flying Brummies and Mancunians to Munich, starting this summer. From April, the brand-new airline will begin selling tickets from the German city to multiple European hubs, including the aforementioned two in the UK, plus Berlin, Bordeaux and more to be announced if all goes to plan.

We won’t know the exact cost of tickets until they go on sale, but they’re unlikely to be very expensive considering the type of plane the company is operating, and the competitors' rates for the same journey. If you’re looking to get to Munich and are sick of Ryanair charging you loads because your bag was one cubic cm too big, they could be a great alternative.

So get to Manchester or Birmingham airports and discover a land where things actually function. Just make sure to remember your plastic bag for liquids, because although all UK airports were due to fit new scanners which would allow you to carry liquids up to two litres by this summer, just like everything else in this country, not many of them are going to be ready in time

Jet-setting off?

Call us air traffic controllers, cause we keep one eye to the sky at all times. Sorry. In other words, we know what’s going on in the air travel world. Did you know that Ryanair flights are going to get more expensive soon? Or that this airline was named worst in the UK? You’ll know all of that, plus the brand new destinations RyanAir are launching, if you keep up with Time Out news.

Did you see that it’s going to be a great year for the UK’s cherry blossom trees?

Plus: The legendary Crooked House pub is being rebuilt.

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