1 out of 5 stars
Frustrated with their relationships and stalled careers, two buddies—wanna-be actor Colton (Alexander) and loser in love Ben (Bogue)—decide to drive from New York to Montreal to meet their hero: Donald Sutherland. Yes, that Donald Sutherland. The list of transgressions in Bruce Van Dusen’s stalled road-trip flick is miles long: dialogue chocked with bumper-sticker platitudes, self-consciously quirky characters, gratuitous gunplay and a soundtrack top-heavy with achingly bad dorm-rock. It’s the journey that counts, the film repeats ad nauseam, only you’ll want to jump from the vehicle before it reaches the end of the block.

By: David Fear


Release details

Rated: NR
Release date: Friday March 28 2008
Duration: 89 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Bruce Van Dusen
Cast: Josh Alexander
Rob Bogue
Will Janowitz
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