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How to make a daiquiri

Making this tropical citrusy drink is easier than you’d think—just don’t forget to fine strain the ice

Too often the daiquiri gets a bad rep for being overly sweet—but a great daiquiri is perfectly balanced, a bright mix of rum, citrus and cane syrup. It's easy enough to replicate at home, just pick your favorite rum and lime juice, and if you like it like Hemingway did, add a bit of grapefruit juice and a maraschino cherry. Watch our video above to see top Chicago bartender Paul McGee of Lost Lake, the Game Room and Cherry Circle Room demonstrate how to stir up this island favorite.

Daiquiri recipe:

2 oz. rum
1 oz. fresh lime juice
3/4 oz. cane syrup

Pour all ingredients into shaker
Add ice to shaker and shake
Fine strain and serve

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