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Photograph: Liz West/Flickr

20 things that make you wicked Rhode Island

By Jade Goldsmith

As a native Rhode Islander, I know that my state is a bit strange. And the people who live here are just a bit, well, different. We’re not from New York and we’re not from Boston. We’re from that tiny state that people from New York and Boston poke fun at. Rhode Island definitely has its quirks, but that's part of what makes it an amazing place to live.

Here are 20 things that make you wicked Rhode Island.

1. You know that coffee milk is not coffee + milk. That’s a latte.

2. Alan Shawn Feinstein visited your elementary school once and gave you a rare coin. You were just happy because you finally met your first celebrity. 

3. 401 is your area code and you are proud of it. 

4. You didn’t necessarily go to Brown, but you own some of the school's swag and you saw Emma Watson once. Does that count?

5. On Sundays your mom makes gravy—and puts it on pasta. 

6. When you're wicked thirsty you ask, "Where is the nearest bubblah?"

7. If your license plate has three numbers or fewer, you feel like a celebrity. It’s a big deal. 

8. You love Awful Awfuls from Newport Creamery, but really think they should just call them "Awesome Awesomes."

9. Mr. Potato Head is your role model.

10. You couldn't give a hoot about Family Guy.

11. Your home and your vacation home are 20 minutes away from each other. 

12. Summer is your favorite season. Or maybe fall? Okay, it’s definitely spring. No, it has to be winter. 

13. You can’t wait for the end of March when Del’s reopens for the season. 

14. When you leave the country, you tell people you're from “near New York.” Long Island? No, Rhode Island!

15. Your summer isn’t complete without a lobstah roll.

16. When someone says Big Blue Bug you don’t freak out—you get excited. You wait all year for him to don his Rudolph nose for the holidays. 

17. You know that Olneyville New York System has the best hot wiener and you know it’s not in New York.

18. Potholes are a serious fear of yours. These are not just divots in the road, people. Falling into one would be like falling into an abyss. 

19. Your accent has people wondering if you are from Boston or New York every time you leave the state. 

20. You consider an hour car ride a road trip.

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