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A 'Gilmore Girls' cookbook could be on the way

A 'Gilmore Girls' cookbook could be on the way

Did you spend your time watching the Gilmore Girls drooling over whatever fancy dish Emily's latest doomed maid was serving? Or staring greedily at that tray of muffiny delights Sookie was pulling from the oven? Or just wanting a slice of that pizza Lorelai and Rory were tearing into on the couch?

Now, just as Netflix is bringing our favorite folk back to Stars Hollow for a series of four 90-minute specials, we could be getting the ultimate binge-watching companion: a Gilmore Girls cookbook. 

"Could" is the operative word here, as the book, Eat Like A Gilmore, is part of a Kickstarter campaign launched by Kristi Calrson, who describes herself on Twitter as a GG superfan, a "California eclectic" and an artist manager. 

If Carlson manages to get over her self-set $20,000 line, and the book becomes a reality, it will include 60 recipes drawn from and inspired by the show, all stitched together in a professionally photographed, hardcover, color 8x10-inch book. 

According to Carlson's Kickstarter page, the book will be divided into three sections: Foods from a small-town diner (expect pancakes, coffee and a serious recipe for sexual tension); foods served at fancy Friday Night Dinners (skip this section only if you want to cause serious offense); and foods served at charming, eclectic, independent inns (which, as a rule, you have to cook while wearing a wrap around your head and a frantic, Sookie-like look on your face). 

Carlson has already started testing the recipes and promises the "results have been utterly delicious." 

Bonus for any fans looking to make a $30 dollar donation: you get to suggest recipes for the book.

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