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A new cat wine will make drinking alone a thing of the past

Written by
Marcia Gagliardi

Tired of your cat giving you the hairy eyeball when you come home and crack open a bottle of sauvignon blanc, and drink it all yourself? Maybe Snowball is jealous and wants a big girl glass of her own! Would you believe you can pour your little furball a glass of Moscato or Pinot Meow? It’s true: Apollo Peak in Colorado has created cat wine, so you never have to drink alone on the couch again. 

Obviously, it’s non-alcoholic (unlike your glass, ahem), so kitty can day drink with impunity. The wine is made with catnip, so they still get a little buzz, and beets, which cats reportedly enjoy. And kind of like you after glass number two or three, your cat will be a bit more mellow after ingesting the catnip—it’s when they sniff it that they get feisty, but imbibing it has a chillaxing effect.

The Moscato and Pinot Meow cat wine comes in two sizes: a 1.6 “meownce” single tasting, or if your kitty is a heavy drinker/purrer, you can get the eight-meownce bottle (and let’s be honest, you know you’re going to taste it). Now whether the Pinot Meow pairs best with Fancy Feast chopped grill or Whiskas chicken and beef is totally up to Little Peepers.

[Via Bored Panda]

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