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Adam Driver and Kate McKinnon's SNL promos are too cute

By Clayton Guse

Fresh off his debut as Kylo Ren in the insanely popular Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, Adam Driver is scheduled to host Saturday Night Life this weekend. To promote the show, the actor teamed up with SNL cast member Kate McKinnon for a series of promos that are just plain adorable. 

The ads are set in a diner, which Driver jokingly claims is due to the fact that it's his first time hosting the show and "they don't trust the new guys with the promos in the studios." Keeping up with the diner jokes, another promo opens with McKinnon stuffing fries into her face, telling Driver to do the same because it's the only time SNL gives them free food.

Hopefully the duo can keep the same on-camera chemistry during Saturday's show. Either way, we're looking forward to a brand new batch of Star Wars jokes. 

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