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Photograph: Courtesy CC/Wikimedia Commons/Gage Skidmore

Bernie Sanders to join Larry David on 'Saturday Night Live'

By Clayton Guse

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders will join his comedian doppelgänger, Larry David, on Saturday Night Live this weekend.

David has appeared twice as Sanders on SNL since the Vermont senator kicked off his campaign, and is set to make his first appearance as host tomorrow night.

The similarities between the two are striking, both in appearance and demeanor—a point that wasn't missed by Sanders in Wednesday night's town hall debate on CNN.

Sanders is picking up steam after coming just shy of tying Hillary Clinton in the Iowa Caucuses on Monday, and an SNL appearance ought to give him a nice boost (at least in terms of recognition) leading up to Tuesday's New Hampshire primary.

Either way, the David-Sanders double header could be the most delightfully curmudgeonly happening of the century. (We're kind of praying for some role reversal, with Bernie coming out to the Curb Your Enthusiasm tune—Lorne, are you hearing us?)

In October, Clinton made a cameo on SNL as a bartender giving advice to herself (played by Kate McKinnon). While McKinnon plays a pretty convincing Hillary, it pales in comparison to David's Bernie impression.

Our dream skit? A little bit of role reversal, with Bernie coming out to the Curb Your Enthusiasm tune to be met by a vintage, profanity-filled Susie Greene tirade. Lorne, are you hearing us?

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