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California the best place in the U.S. for trick-or-treating
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California the best place in the U.S. for trick-or-treating

Written by
Clayton Guse

Want the best trick-or-treating experience in the country—the safest, easiest and most kid-friendly? Then the West Coast is the place to be.

A new study from Zillow found San Francisco to be the best city in the country for trick-or-treating, which will likely come as no surprise to Bay Area residents who spent their youth up-and-downing on the city’s hills going house-to-house in search of a sugary rush (and are spending their adulthoods following around their own kids doing the same). The city was followed by San Jose, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Phoenix and then Chicago on Zillow’s list. (Our colleagues at Time Out Chicago, who originally reported on the study, were quick to point out that only two of those places are actually cities. They also added that “it’s worth pointing out that New York didn’t even rank in the list of 20 that Zillow provided, which helps prove that the city is a town full of jerks.”)

Best cities to trick or treat

In generating the rankings, Zillow looked into cities with the greatest share of the population under the age of 15, as well as where homes are closest together. They also looked into local crime data and their in-house “home value index” to find the safest places in the country for trick-or-treating.

Halloween is on a Saturday this year, which is great for parents and partiers alike. If you fit both of those descriptions, then you should have plenty of time to chaperone your little tax deductions around town before slapping on a perturbing costume of your own and heading to the club.

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