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Photograph: Courtesy CC/Flickr/Mike Mozart

Chipotle giving away free burritos today (that hopefully won't make you sick)

By Clayton Guse

Burritos. That are free.


In an effort to win back public trust after several health scares, and apologize to anyone inconvenienced by the closing all of its stores for a company-wide conference on food safety today, Chipotle is giving away free burritos to anyone who possesses a cell phone. 

The burrito behemoth is set to reopen its shops this afternoon, and customers who text the phrase "RAINCHECK" to 888-222 will receive a coupon for a free meal at one of the chain's locations (Chipotle will send you a quick form to fill in and the coupon follows in "the next few days"). You have to text before 6pm EST, though, so if you want to enjoy a quasi-Mexican bite then you butter hurry up. Be sure to text in all-caps, as it appears to be case sensitive. 

Chipotle had a pretty terrible year in 2015. After banning all GMO ingredients from its locations in the spring, reports of food poisoning, salmonella and norovirus infections started popping. Chipotle-related illnesses continued to be a problem into the winter, at which point the company reported a sharp dip in sales. 

Given the recent action the company has taken to prevent foodborne illnesses, one would think that you'd be safe from getting poisoned during today's free promotion. Either way, a free meal is probably worth the risk.  

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