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Chipotle giving away free guacamole with online Guac Hunter game

Guac Hunter
Chipotle's Guac Hunter

Oh Chipotle, you sly dog, you, buttering us up again in the hopes that we'll forget all about that...thing...that you did...that thing...with

Ah screw it—we forgot and forgave as soon as you delivered a delicious, heaping and free burrito right into our laps earlier this year.

And the memory is fading further still with your latest genius bit of PR: Guac Hunter. 

Guac Hunter, for those who haven't spent the afternoon being driven mad by it, is an online spot-the-difference-game that Chipotle has launched in conjunction with Avocados from Mexico—spot the differences between two similar pictures (think, a line-up of salsas and guac; a woman eating a burrito on her lap) and you win free guacamole from the Mexican food chain. 

We have to admit, Guac Hunter is haaaaard. Only once have we managed to spot all five differences (if you're trying for the first time, look for things like slight changes in color and repositioned tortilla chips).

But even if you're as useless as us at hunting guac, it doesn't matter: The benevolent gods of the burrito bowl will still give you free chips and guac just for trying. 

Awww. They're just being so nice to us lately. Now, if only we could remember why.