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Data shows that 70 percent of Americans are not engaged at work

Written by
Clayton Guse

Don't give a shit about work? Tuning out when you're supposed to be tuning in? Are you reading this right now because you were on Facebook when you were supposed to be doing those spreadheethangymahiggys?

If so, you're among the majority of Americans. According to a report from Gallup, just 30 percent of the approximately 100 million people who hold full-time jobs across the country are engaged and inspired at work. Another 20 percent of employees are "actively disengaged" (think Peter from Office Space). The remaining half of employed Americans are simply not engaged—they do their jobs, but they aren't happy about it. Among all of those people,  about 39 percent of them are masturbating at work, so that's fun.

The findings reinforce what is already painfully clear to most people: Americans, for the most part, really hate their jobs. But that disdain for work affects much more than the happiness of lowly employees. According to Gallup, disengaged workers cost the U.S. between $450 billion and $550 billion every year in lost productivity. 

The problem with the economy has nothing to do with banks, OK, Bernie? The problem, kids, is you. 

Why do we loath our jobs so? A recent survey from 1to1 Media found that a lack of opportunity for career growth, a lack of concern by employers for employee's wellbeing and not receiving praise all contribute to disengagement in the workplace. But, really, that all can boil down to having a crummy boss, or maybe just American businesses putting too much of a priority on their bottom lines rather than their employees.

So if you really hate your job, you're certainly not alone—at least you've probably got a brewery nearby to drink away your sorrows. You know, so that you can be hungover enough tomorrow to disengage some more. 

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