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iPhone SE announced today: What we already know

iPhone SE announced today: What we already know
Photograph: Courtesy Apple

It’s Geek Christmas again with Apple holding an event today at their Cupertino headquarters during which it’s expected the company will unveil a suite of new devices.

Among them: the 9.7-inch iPad Pro and—fan yourself, fanboys—the iPhone SE.

All will (likely) be revealed when Apple’s event begins at 10am today, Pacific time. (Here’s how you can watch the live stream). But here’s what we (think we) know so far—much of it thanks to a leaked product box:

It will be called the iPhone SE.

Which makes it only the second iPhone—after the original model—not to include a number in the name.

It will be smaller.

Don’t have the handspan for the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 or the 5.5-inch 6-plus? Apple hears you. With the SE, they’re returning to the iPhone 5 days—the phone is expected to be almost identical to the iPhone 5 and feature a 4-inch screen.

But it will still be curved.

The SE is expected to be identical to the iPhone 5—almost. Rumor has it the phone will have slightly curved 2.5D glass, and will come in popular colors like rose gold, which was introduced with the 6s.

It will have a headphone jack.

There have been persistent rumors that Apple will phase out its headphone jack with the iPhone 7 (due later in the year). The idea is that headphones will be plugged into the same lightning port used for charging, or consumers will use bluetooth buds. However, it’s expected that the SE will retain the headphone port.

The rear camera will be 12 megapixels.

It may look like an iPhone 5, but the SE will support the same upgraded 12-megapixel camera featured on the back of the iPhone 6. 

It will be (relatively) cheap.

Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst for KGI securities whose predictions about Apple produces are generally spot-on, is predicting the new phone will retail for $400-$500