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Photograph: Courtesy CC/Flickr/Matt Preston

It's time to meet your new party drug: cacao

By Marcia Gagliardi

Okay club-goers, you can put down the molly, stash the ketamine and finish off that bag of blow, because according to some folks on the party circuit in Europe, you have a new party drug to try: cacao. There’s an alcohol-free monthly party in Berlin (called Lucid) that serves raw cacao. Attendees take the stuff during a meditation ceremony before dancing for six hours. And it's coming stateside—early arrival attendees at Lightning in a Bottle in LA will be treated to a cacao ceremony, and raw cacao drinks and pills are showing up behind the bar in club across the country.

Cacao fans report a rush of energy—the stuff gives users a nice serotonin and endorphin boost to the brain, while the magnesium reportedly releases tension in the body. An article in OZY reports: “Raw cacao is also chock-full of flavanols that increase blood circulation and stimulate brain power, according to a recent study from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.” 

You can eat it, drink it and even snort it. Cacao is totally legal—and you don’t have to go hide in the bathroom to do it. 

And then there’s the Chocolate Shooter, a device that Belgian chocolatier Dominique Persoone of The Chocolate Line (for real, ha-ha) invented for a birthday party for Ron Wood and Charlie Watts of the Rolling Stones. Yup, you can enjoy a custom mix of cacao, ginger and mint catapulted right into your sniffer for the ultimate sensation (Although explaining that dark ring around your nose at the end of the night is going to be a little awkward—maybe skip the white shirt this go around).

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