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'Making a Murderer' lawyer Dean Strang gets eight-episode TV show, 'Road to Justice'

Written by
Joel Meares

Fan yourself, heart-a-fluttering fans of sexy-beast criminal justice lawyers: Steven Avery's defense lawyer Dean Strang is getting his own show. 

Strang was the surprise breakout star of Netflix's crazily popular documentary series Making A Murderer, which chronicled Strang and fellow defense lawyer Jerry Buting's efforts to defend Avery after he was arrested for the murder of Wisconsin photographer Teresa Halbach.

Strang and Buting's efforts on behalf of Avery—who had already been exonerated for a previous crime for which he was wrongly convicted and spent 18 years in jail—saw the pair shoot into a sexy-real-life-heart-throb-lawyer realm that we haven't seen since, well, ever.

This month they kick off a national tour that sees them discussing the American criminal justice system from Boston to Fort Lauderdale, so you can swoon/ask-intelligent-questions in the flesh. 

The just-announced new TV show, titled Dean Strang: Road to Justice, positions Strang as an Anthony Bourdain-like investigator digging into the kind of flaws in the criminal justice system that Making a Murderer exposed. There will be eight episodes of Strang to feast on, and it will all be shot "vérité-style," according to Deadline. The show is being developed by Covert Media but has not been picked up by a network yet. 

Of course, the question on everyone's lips is: What about Buting? Did Batman just boot Robin out of the Batplane? Is Strang pulling a Beyonce? Is Buting set for a life of low-selling gospel albums and internet memes? (Poor Michelle.)

There is no official word on whether Buting will take part in the series, so for those who like their dreamboats to set sail in pairs, there is still some hope.

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