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Take it to 88mph: The Delorean is back in production!

By Clayton Guse

For more than three decades, the prospect of channeling your inner Marty McFly by purchasing a Delorean has been a pipe dream—but that's all about to change. On Wednesday, Delorean Motor Company announced that, thanks to a new law, it will produce a limited number of its iconic stainless steel cars.

In December, the Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act gave the green light for small companies to make replicas of cars that were originally produced at least 25 years ago without abiding by all of the safety requirements imposed upon larger car manufacturers. 

The last Delorean DMC-12 (the model you know from Back to the Future) was produced in 1982, and went out of production after the company's founder John Delorean was charged with trafficking copious amounts of cocaine. Since then, the company has stayed afloat mostly by refurbishing and repairing the few thousand DMC-12s that are still around.

The new law is a good thing for more than just Delorean fans, though. In the coming years, replica models of some of America's classic hot rods could come back into circulation. If we're lucky, streets across the country will soon start to resemble a scene out of American Graffiti

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