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There is a hoodie with a built-in pillow and it just raised $100k on Kickstarter

By Clayton Guse

You've always wanted to wear your bed, right? 


A new Kickstarter campaign should have every slacker, traveler and human who loves sleep squirming in their chair with delight. A concept for an inflatable hoodie, dubbed the "Hypnos Hoodie," has brought in more than $100,000 on the crowdfunding platform, crushing the team's original goal of $30,000. 

The idea is pretty simple: a simple, cozy hoodie with a hood that inflates like a beach ball. It has a spout that can be inflated via mouth-blowing (a kinda reverse beer can hat deal), and looks to be a nonstop ticket to comfy city. If you're flying, looking to take a quick nap on a park bench or simply looking for something to lean on for a few minutes, this Hoodie could very well be a game changer. 

The Hypnos Hoodie was created by Los Angeles native Josh Woodle, who wanted to "increase efficiency of our down time" by making hoods become pillows, according to the campaign's website. Whether or not the product will make your free time more productive is debatable (I'd expect it'd turn it into a sleepy dreamland), but it's a great idea nonetheless. 

The campaign is running until January 11, and if you pledge $49 you'll get a hoodie valued at $59 shipped to your door in March. If you're really giddy about this idea, then you can pledge $5,000 and get flown out to Los Angeles for a few days of partying, designing and hoodie-wearing fun. 

Now, we're just off to work on specs for that all-body inflatable snuggie we dreamed up—just now.

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