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These emojis could be coming to your phone in 2017

By Marcia Gagliardi

Finding your emoji options a tad limited? Does that limitation make you gritted-teeth-angry-face? Then get ready for a (potential) onslaught of digital emoting. 

Just when you’re getting used to unicorns, burritos and popping champagne, five new emoji candidates are vying for a place in your text bubble from mid-2017. 

They will come out with the release of Unicode 10.0, if accepted. (For those not in the know, the Unicode Standard is an international character coding system that sets standards for what combination of characters produce different emojis—so you can express yourself in emojis no matter your writing system.) 

If accepted, you’ll be able to express yourself more with a face with one eyebrow raised; finally let your friend know you are craving Chinese with a dumpling (isn’t that all the time?), a takeout box or a fortune cookie; or tell someone you want to stab their eyes out with some chopsticks (or that you just want some more Chinese food). 

Meanwhile—this may have slipped your attention—but there’s a whole slew of emoji candidates (like 75!) due to come out in June 2016 with the Unicode 9.0 release. Some candidates include a man dancing (because why should the woman in the red dress have all the fun?), a pregnant woman (can happen as a result of dancing), cucumber (because why should eggplant get all the action?), an avocado and a green salad (did some Californians take over?).

And pancakes!

Oh yes, and gestures like taking a selfie, doing face palm and crossing your fingers.

We're curious to see if the pentathlon emoji makes it—it’s a bit, er, complicated. But bacon? No complications there, although your cardiologist may beg to differ.

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