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This site lets you blow a trumpet at Donald Trump's face

By Clayton Guse

It turns out revenge is a dish best served via online trumpet-blowing. 

For the better part of the last year, the world has been forced to listen to Donald Trump spew out a whole mess of obnoxious comments. From his sexist remarks against Fox News pundit Megyn Kelly to his promise to ban all Muslims from the country, he's tested the patience of every logical person who's wasted their time listening to him.

Now, thanks to a Swedish company, you can get your revenge at The Donald—at least digitally. At, you'll be met with the mug of the presidential candidate peering at a trumpet. If you click on the window, the trumpet will blow a painful note at his face, blowing his hair back in the process. You can move your cursor across the screen to blast Trump from various angles (on the third click, confetti flies out of the horn). 

More than 14 million people have blown at Trump so far, according to a helpful counter in the bottom left hand corner. 

The project was created by Animal, an advertising agency out of Stockholm, Sweden. Why did they spend their time doing this? According to their website, "The domain was available and we just couldn't resist. That's it, really." 

Distaste for Trump on the global level isn't anything new—the U.K. Parliament debated banning him from the country last month, but it's good to see that our Scandinavian friends are joining in on the fight against "making America great again."

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