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Tom Cruise, Jerry Bruckheimer meeting hints 'Top Gun 2' closer than ever

Joel Meares

It looks like we just picked up some speed on the highway back to the Danger Zone. 

Sorry, for that. But look at this tweet: 

Mega producer Jerry Bruckheimer sent the tweet out on Tuesday while visiting Cruise in Louisiana, who is there shooting Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, a sequel that, let's just say, most people are significantly less excited about than the prospect of a second Top Gun

Fans of the 1986 action classic (moment of silence for Goose, please) have been burned before, with Cruise and Bruckheimer hinting about a sequel since...1986. One report last year suggested Cruise would do battle against unmanned drones in the film. But a source tells Deadline that the movie is "closer now to becoming real than it's been in 30 years."

Some had thought the sequel might have been put on permanent hold following original director Tony Scott's death in 2012. 

There are no details on what a Top Gun 2 might be about, or whether any of the other original cast members would return, or what it might be called. Our money's on Top Guns (clever!), but we're hoping for TG: 2 Maverick for You. 

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