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Watch Johnny Depp as Donald Trump in Funny or Die's 1980s-style mockumentary

By Marcia Gagliardi

Fresh off the heels of Donald Trump winning the New Hampshire Republican primary (really, how has this gone this far?), Funny or Die releases a 50-minute comedy they have managed to keep under wraps for months: Donald Trump’s The Art of the Deal: The Movie. And the best part? Johnny Depp plays Mr. Trump, in all his spray-tanned, comb-over-ed, pompous, hot-headed, terrifyingly megalomaniac glory. 

The premise is that Funny or Die unearthed this faux made-for-TV movie—based off of Trump’s 1987 best-selling book, The Art of the Deal—that never aired. (And they found the lost copy on VHS, no less.) The spoof is a bona fide 1988 time warp, complete with a cheesy title sequence and a synth-heavy theme song by Kenny Loggins, shoulder pads and an appearance by ALF.

Also in the comedy: Ron Howard, Alfred Molina, Stephen Merchant, Patton Oswalt (as Merv Griffin), Michaela Watkins (as Ivana Trump), Christopher Lloyd, Andy Richter, Kristen Schaal, Jack McBrayer, Robert Morse and Henry Winkler (as Ed Koch).

Really, you deserve to take 50 minutes to watch Depp embody a spot-on and terrifying Trump transformation. The writing is hilarious, with spicy language, too (because Trump is a real man, ya know, and speaks like one)! The one-liners practically write themselves. Also, don’t miss the “notes” Trump made on the movie script.

Gorgeous! Classy! And yuuuuuge.

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