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Briarwood, Queens, NY during Winter Storm Jonas
Photograph: Courtesy CC/Flickr/John GillespieBriarwood, Queens, NY during Winter Storm Jonas

Which city tipped the lowest during Jonas?

Joel Meares

Some fuel for those who enjoy railing against the fat cats in D.C.: It turns out that residents of Washington were the least generous tippers at the peak of Winter Storm Jonas. 

According to data released by Grubhub—and shared with the Daily Dot—D.C. users of the food delivery service tipped, on average, less than residents of New York City and Philadelphia. 

On Saturday, when the storm was at its strongest across the Northeast—and those brave, kung pao-armed angels of catering braved the blizzard to stop bellies from grumbling—New Yorkers tipped an average of 17.3 percent, Philadelphians tipped them 15.9 percent and those penny-pinching Capitol-ists tipped a mere 15.6 percent. 

(However, it's worth noting that on a typical day, D.C. residents are the highest tippers of the three groups; and, on the Friday and Sunday during the storm, tipped more generously than the other cities.)

All three cities tipped more than they would during better weather, but not as much as Grubhub recommends. As Daily Dot notes, the app suggests a 20 percent tip, meaning orderers had to make the effort to lower the gratuity. Nice.  

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