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You can and should get your face printed on a Lego Minifigure

By Clayton Guse

Whether you're in kindergarten or in a midlife crisis (or just a general living human being), playing with Legos is a just plain fun. The little plastic bricks can be used to create imaginative worlds where you can pretend that you're a superhero, a firefighter or even a surly old office clerk. But playing with the toys requires a good amount of suspension of disbelief in order for tinkerers to truly get into character. That can all change, though, as a new product is turning the Lego world on its head—literally.

Etsy shop funky3Dfaces will make a custom 3D print of your own head that fits onto Lego Minifigures. The shop, owned by Englishman Chris Lightfoot, runs a pair of photos through facial recognition software, converts them into a 3D model and prints out a tiny sandstone version of your noggin that's equal parts creepy and adorable. The turnaround time for the heads is about four weeks, and they cost $30 a pop (though the shop is currently having a "3 for 2" sale). You can also get a pair of wedding cake toppers for $75 in case you're looking to have the most adorable reception in the history of matrimony.

If you're considering putting in an order, keep in mind that the custom heads aren't limited to your own face. You could have the shop spit out a rendering of President Barack Obama's visage so you can see what he looks like in stormtrooper gear. Or maybe consider getting a copy of the face of your nemesis so you can cast some weird Lego voodoo spells on them. The options are truly limitless!

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