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It’s official! Americans will name their babies anything.

Honest, genuine, awesome are no longer things to look for in a partner… they’re baby names. America, you’ve outdone yourself.

Can you name your baby anything you want here in the U.S.? Yep, pretty much. Particularly carried away folks have even named their kid Kale...and it doesn’t stop there. According to Nameberry, there are all sorts of unusual seemingly non-name names happening everywhere. Here are just a few of our favorites:

Actual 2014 baby names:

Alias (28 boys)

Cypher (8 boys)

Genuine (5 boys)

Awesome (8 boys)

Savvy (25 girls)

Honest (15)

Holy (15)

Majestic (8 boys, 8 girls)

Wise (9 boys)

Handsome (6 boys)

Boss (12 boys)

Captain (26 boys)

Chief (16 boys)

Master (12 boys)

Czarina (10 girls)

Couture (8 girls)

Styles (19 boys)

Stylez (9 boys)

Eliminate (5 girls)

Chaos (9 boys)

Jihad (28 boys)

Gamble (5 boys)

Lucky (54 boys, 11 girls)

Trust (9 girls)

Fate (9 girls)

Victorious (7 girls)

Winner (6 girls)

Halo (22 boys)

Ruckus (8 boys)

Mayhem (6 boys)

Furious (5 boys)

Rage (5 boys) 

To the relief of some, most people went with these popular baby names instead. If you’re looking for unusual name inspiration, check out our story on baby names that are going extinct!

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