15 photos of people struggling to work from home with pets around

Shaye Weaver
Written by
Shaye Weaver
Editor, Time Out New York
tova's cat
Photograph: Tova Diamond

Working from home or hardly working?

With pets around, sometimes it can be the latter. Our adorable cats and dogs don't understand why we're home so much unless it's to pet them more.

We've rounded up 15 instances of at-home workers across the nation, including Time Out staffers, who are struggling to get things done because there's a cute face in the way. 

Floofin' around

Loie steals the chair 

Michael Juliano's cat

Photograph: Michael Juliano

Holland Toast on Slack

Stephanie Breijo's cat

Photograph: Stephanie Breijo

  Doggo's close-up

The Supervisor

There's no such thing as social distancing 

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My new supervisor clearly didn’t get the memo about social distancing. #corona #workingfromhome #supervisor #stillcute

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 A helping paw

Maisy has entered the chat 

Collier Sutter's dog

Photograph: Collier Sutter

Charlie says it's time for a break 

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Opal hard at work 

Falyn Freyman's dog

Photograph: Falyn Freyman

Jerry Garcia Cohen works from home

Robyn Cohen's cat

Photograph: Robyn Cohen

 Snowball Zooms

Deme Walls' dog

Photograph: Deme Walls

Declining stonks

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Patience little one - revenue estimates are only down 5% #whatsyourbackground #wfh

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