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Dog in restaurant
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A fine-dining restaurant for dogs, with $75 three-course meal, opens in San Francisco

Take canine cuisine to a whole new level in this exclusive eatery just for your four-legged friend.

Scott Snowden
Written by
Scott Snowden

A new fine-dining restaurant has opened in the Bay Area and it's exclusively for dogs. Yes, your hungry hound can enjoy bespoke meal plans tailored for your dogs’ age, weight, activity level, special needs and allergies. 

Operated by Rahmi Massarweh and his wife Alejandra, Dogue offers only the finest and freshest ingredients for your canine companion. Rahmi explains on the website that he was formally a professional chef trained in classic French cuisine in San Francisco. The couple owned four dogs and inevitably soon found that their beloved pets were a bit picky. Before long, he was making fresh, healthy food for them... and not too long after that, they opened up what could very well be the first eatery in the US to serve a tasting menu exclusively for dogs.

Located in San Francisco’s Mission District (because where else would it be?) Dogue offers carefully crafted pastries from its in-house 'pawtisserie' and French-themed courses made with locally sourced, organic ingredients. A dog's dinner this is not. 

Dogue, dog restaurant, San Francisco
Courtesy Sasa Dang

During the week, the doggy diner serves Parisian pastries and 'dogguccinos' that start at $4.95. A $75 three-course meal, which is seasonal and frequently rotates, is served for Sunday walk-ins only. Pet owners can choose from a variety of dishes to serve their four-legged friends, such as green-lipped mussels with fermented carrots and wheatgrass or organic beef chuck steak with fermented carrots and beets or even squid tentacles and ink.

As the Instagram account for the extraordinary eatery explains, 'Squid contains riboflavin, vitamin B12, vitamin C, vitamin E, and several antioxidants, which might fight free radicals in your dog's body and reduce their risk of cell damage and infection from viruses and pathogens. It contains many vitamins and minerals, including zinc, copper, and B vitamins. It’s also a great source of protein and is low in fat," and so on.

Barking mad? Since its opening, the restaurant has received impassioned reaction from both critics and enthusiasts. On social media, people quickly labeled it as an 'only in San Francisco' story. Perhaps they're just barking up the wrong tree.  

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