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Favorite snacks across each state
Photograph: Zippia

Here is each state's favorite snack according to Google

Surprise, surprise: people love Oreos.

Written by
Anna Rahmanan

Here are a few facts we learned today: people around the United States of America aren't as crazy about Twizzlers as you may think, sunflower seeds are considered snacks in some part of the country and—no surprise here—sweet treats reign supreme over salty ones. 

The above analysis of human snacking behavior comes courtesy of a larger study carried out by Zippia, a career research online tool. The company scoured Google Trends to determine each state's favorite snack.

Unsurprisingly, the undisputed winner of the midday snack battle is the Oreo—the go-to treat in Connecticut, Hawaii, Maryland, New Jersey and Virginia. Fritos come in at second place, earning the top spot in Delaware, Kentucky and Nebraska.

But the delicious corn chips aren't the only beloved ones. It seems like America also really likes its Ruffles, Pringles, Kettle chips and salt and vinegar chips. That being said, sweets won over salty snacks across 29 states.

Above, find a map illustrating the results of the project and, below, look through a state-by-state breakdown. How has your state fared?

Alabama: Ruffles
Alaska: Granola bars
Arizona: Cheez Its
Arkansas: Doritos
California: Cheetos
Colorado: Cosmic Brownies
Connecticut: Oreos
Delaware: Fritos
Florida: Mini Doughnuts
Georgia: Lays chips
Hawaii: Oreos
Idaho: Cliff Bars
Illinois: Skinny Pop
Indiana: Pringles
Iowa: Pringles
Kansas: Nutter Butter
Kentucky: Fritos
Louisiana: PayDay
Maine: Ritz Crackers
Maryland: Oreos
Massachusetts: Crunch Bar
Michigan: Sour Patch Kids
Minnesota: Snickers
Mississippi: Twinkie
Missouri: Grandma’s Cookies
Montana: Rice Krispy Treats
Nebraska: Fritos
Nevada: Kit Kat
New Hampshire: Almond Joy
New Jersey: Oreos
New Mexico: Beef Jerky
New York: Chips Ahoy
North Carolina: Starburst
North Dakota: Sunflower seeds
Ohio: Starburst
Oklahoma: Sour Patch Kids
Oregon: Kettle chips
Pennsylvania: Hershey’s
Rhode Island: Ritz Crackers
South Carolina: Salt and vinegar chips
South Dakota: Milky Way
Tennessee: Baby Ruth
Texas: Funyuns
Utah: 3 Musketeers
Vermont: Muffins
Virginia: Oreos
Washington: Cheez Its
West Virginia: Lays
Wisconsin: Twix
Wyoming: Sunflower seeds

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