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Flag of Puerto Rico waving in the wind
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How to help Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Fiona

These five community organizations need your donations.

Erika Mailman
Written by
Erika Mailman

Many people in mainland US are in disbelief at the horrific conditions being endured by our fellow Americans in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Fiona’s tumult, especially since news has been overshadowed by coverage of the death of Queen Elizabeth II in England. Most residents have been without power or clean water since Sunday – and many have been without electricity for an entire year even before Fiona hit. There are many things we can do to help, as reported by NPR.

1. Brigada Solidaria del Oeste

First on the list is a Puerto Rico-based mutual-aid group, Brigada Solidaria del Oeste. If you are based in Puerto Rico and can deliver physical items, the group requests first aid kits, water filters and water purification tablets, as well as solar lamps. But if you are wanting to help from afar, monetary donations are welcome too. You can use the
ATH Móvil app to donate at /brigadasolidaria or use PayPal to send funds to

2. Taller Salud

Another resource is the women-led community-based feminist organization Taller Salud. It is based in Puerto Rico and was already working to roll back damage from Hurricane Maria. Help with donations of food, adult and baby diapers, clean water, hygiene products, or by making a monetary donation via ATH Móvil to /TallerSalud or by PayPal via this link. The group also accepts crypto donations or credit card donations via the website; learn more at

3. Global Giving

Global Giving provides another way to help. It supports other nonprofits and connects them with donors. It has set up the Hurricane Fiona Relief Fund which so far has only raised $114,000 out of its intended $1 million. Those funds will help residents on the island and in other hurricane-affected Caribbean communities. Donated monies will first assist first responders in obtaining food, fuel, clean water, shelter and hygiene products for residents, and then once those needs are met, the monies will support longer-term recovery efforts.

4. The Hispanic Federation

The Hispanic Federation is another group working to provide relief. This nonprofit which usually support Latino communities across the US is already in Puerto Rico working to help residents. A link for donations is here.

5. PRxPR Relief and Rebuild Fund

A fifth option is the PRxPR Relief and Rebuild Fund established after Hurricane Maria Puerto Rican business leaders in the US. All donations will go towards feeding Puerto Ricans; donate here.

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