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KFC fire log
Photograph: Courtesy KFC

KFC is selling fireplace logs that smell like fried chicken (and they’re on sale)

Deck the halls with scents of chicken, fa lala lala la la la la.

Stephanie Breijo

Forget the cookies and milk: If you really want to entice Santa into making a trip down your chimney this year, might we suggest a fried-chicken fire log?

The holidays are a time to feel warm and fuzzy and, according to KFC, the next few months are prime time to smell like chicken: Today Kentucky Fried Chicken announced the return of its fireplace logs which, of course, smell like those 11 secret herbs and spices.

The fan-favorite, limited-run item sold out quickly in its first two years, and this year, it's exclusively available at Walmart starting today—and later this fall, it's moving into Canada for the first time ever. Now Americans and their neighbors to the north can hang their Christmas stockings with care while basking in the scent of meat and spice. 

"In a year of unpredictability, nothing is more comforting than knowing that you will once again be able to cozy up next to a fried-chicken scented fire while enjoying the mouth-watering taste of KFC’s world-famous fried chicken," the announcement declares. 

The chicken is sold separately, but the logs are a partnership with fireplace-fuel Enviro-Log—and they're made with recycled materials, for an eco-friendly bent. Walmart's online store lists the regular price as $19.98 but is offering the logs for only $15.88 apiece—so on, Dasher and Dancer et al. before they sell out completely.

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