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These are officially the cheapest cities to rent in the USA

Want to move – and save money while you’re at it? Here are the most affordable places to live across the country

Sophie Dickinson
Written by
Sophie Dickinson

Thinking of moving to a totally new town? You’re not alone. But often the thing that holds us back is the sheer amount of cash needed to start over. Luckily, the housing trends website Apartment Guide has compiled a list of the cheapest cities in the USA for renters – meaning you can plan how to relocate and save money while you’re at it. 

The least expensive place to bag a one-bed home is Lawton, Oklahoma – costing just $550 per month. The Frontier region city is extremely green, with more than 80 parks to explore, and has cool attractions like the Museum of the Great Plains, which details the area’s Native American history.

Cities in Ohio do well on the list, too. Elyria is a former industrial city-turned-shopping hotspot, ranking at number three, with rent of just $582 a month. Its neighbour Youngstown, known for its tech startups and pizza, is slightly more expensive at $615 per month.

Of course, the list wouldn’t be complete without a Springfield. There are so many places with that name across the USA, but Missouri’s is the one you should consider as your next home, as rent for a one-bed averages out at just $625 per month.

Here are the top ten cheapest places to rent a home in the USA, according to Apartment Guide: 

  1. Lawton, Oklahoma – $550 a month
  2. Terre Haute, Indiana – $557 a month
  3. Elyria, Ohio – $582 a month
  4. Brownsville, Texas – $585 a month
  5. Killeen, Texas – $595 a month
  6. Youngstown, Ohio – $615 a month
  7. Henderson, Kentucky – $615 a month
  8. Springfield, Missouri – $625 a month 
  9. Gulfport, Mississippi – $637 a month
  10. Ashland, Ohio – $640 a month 

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