These are the best airlines for booking last-minute flights

Say goodbye to the 50 browser tabs you opened searching for a good deal

Beril Naz Hassan
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Beril Naz Hassan
Writer, Time Out Travel
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We all know that flight prices change astronomically according to where and when you buy them, and how many hours you’re willing to spend searching for online promotional codes and deals. And, if you’re planning a last-minute trip with travel in the next few days, the prices become high enough to make you reconsider the entire trip.

But, according to a study by Upgraded Points, there are certain airlines that don’t ask for an arm and a leg when customers are looking to book a last-minute getaway.

Their investigation, which used Google data from February 2023, revealed that Spirit Airlines is the best place to buy last-minute plane tickets, with the average one-way ticket costing $170.09. 

The runner-up was the budget-friendly Southwest Airlines, which was found to charge an average of $233.72 for a one-way ticket. Plus, the airline allows flyers to cancel without any fees! 

The study showed that the third best airline to buy last-minute flights from was United Airlines. A one-way ticket averaged $272.80. 

Fourth place went to American Airlines with an average ticket price of $282.61. Given the number of destinations it flies to, flyers who want to trot around the globe might opt for this airline. 

And, last but not least, the fifth-place winner was Delta Airlines. A last-minute one-way ticket costs $369.12. 

On a similar note, the budget airline Norse Atlantic recently launched a batch of affordable new summer routes from London Gatwick to the States. So, those based in the UK might want to check that out, too.

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