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Atlantic City skyline
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These are the top U.S. cities for partying on spring break in 2024

Head to the East Coast for a good time this year

Erika Mailman
Written by
Erika Mailman

Spring break is just around the corner, and we know you are already thinking ahead to the cities with the coolest libraries, best benches for quiet contemplation, and the most mild spots to order a glass of milk...or even a keg of milk! Ha ha ha. Really, students are ready and willing to go wild, and has released a study that reveals the best cities for partying...which translates to “best spring break destinations.” Let’s put on our glasses and look more closely.

The company analyzed more than 100 U.S. cities and compared them across data points like the number of bars, nightclubs, casinos, strip clubs, and live music venues...while also paying attention to the costs of average hotels and how much you’ll have to dig out of your wallet when belly to the bar.

Before we put a spotlight on the top 10 cities, we’ll share a few fun takeaways, such as the fact that Baton Rouge, LA has the cheapest drinks ($2.99 on average); Hoboken, NJ offers a stunning 579 late-night venues per every 10,000 residents; and Key West, FL has the most strip clubs for your best chance at forming those healthy long-term relationships. The East Coast dominates the top 10 on this list, and while New York City is a huge party city, its prices are so expensive that you won’t find it until #101 on this list. The most party-ish states in the top 10 are Florida and Louisiana!

Here we go—your best Spring Break party destinations in 2024 are:

1. Atlantic City, with a perfect score of 10 out of 10! The average hotel price is $116 per night, and there are plenty of casinos and strip clubs.

2. Miami Beach, with a decent score of 9.85. The average drink is just $5, and you can dance all night with the impressive music scene.

3. Hoboken, who knew?! This New Jersey city gets a strong B, with a score of 8.76, for its profusion of bars and nightclubs.

4. Key West, FL, with a score of 8.61

5. Miami, FL, with a score of 8.53

6. Las Vegas, NV, with a score of 8.25

7. New Orleans, LA, with a score of 7.89

8. Reno, NV, with a score of 7.81

9. Shreveport, LA, with a score of 7.73

10. Sarasota, FL, with a score of 7.70

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