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These are the U.S. states with the most ski resorts

Plan your winter vacation accordingly

Erika Mailman
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Erika Mailman

Which state has the most ski resorts? We had our own guess but it was dead wrong. You might be surprised to learn that the state with the most resorts isn’t known for its glitzy après-ski culture, and doesn’t even boast a mountain with name recognition. That rules out Colorado, Utah and California—so which state is it?

It’s New York, according to ski news source SnowBrains. Their report states that of last year’s 2021/22 ski season, 462 resorts were operating in the U.S.—which means that with 52 resorts, New York hosts 11 percent of the nation’s skiing and riding. Its largest ski resort is Gore Mountain, while other top-rated places in the state include Whiteface Mountain, Windham Mountain, Hunter Mountain and Belleayre Mountain Ski Center. Let's delve into more of the data.

Does every state have a ski resort?

No, only 36 do.

Did any states have a single ski resort but lost it?

Yes, sadly. Alabama’s Cloudmont Ski Area closed for the pandemic and didn’t reopen. Other states that lost resorts but are still in the ski business are California and New Hampshire, which each lost four, and Oregon and New Mexico, which each lost one.

What year was there the most ski resorts?

During the 1991/92 ski season, we had 546 operational resorts.

Last winter, which states added resorts and how many?

New York added a whopping three resorts. Wisconsin and Vermont added two, while these each added one: Maine, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Washington, Nevada, New Jersey and South Dakota.

Which states have only one ski resort?

Maryland, Rhode Island and Tennessee.

Quit stalling; can we see the list of which states have the most ski resorts?

Don't lose your ski pants. Here are the top 10:

1. New York: 52

2. Michigan: 39

3. Wisconsin: 33

4. Colorado: 32

5. Four-way tie: California, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Vermont: 26

6. Maine: 21

7. Minnesota: 20

8. Idaho: 18

9. Montana: 16

10. Tie: Utah, Washington: 15

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