This random city in Tennessee is the best place to work from home in the country

Need a new work-from-home environment?

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If you're working from home and considering a change of scenery, Chattanooga, Tennessee should be on your radar.  

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According to Zillow, Chattanooga is the best city for remote workers right now. So what makes this seemingly random Southern city a paradise for work-from-homers? There's three main reasons: low cost, lots of nature, and the fastest internet in the world

Probably the most important aspect is the city's lightening fast internet. In 2010, Chattanooga became the first U.S. city to roll out a city-wide gigabit network and in 2015, the city-owned network reached a speed of 10-gigabits! 

When work is over, Chattanooga is replete with fun things to do outside. Nestled at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains with views of the Tennessee River, the Scenic City offers plenty of natural wonders to check out on your downtime. Throw in some fine Tennessee whiskey, and Chattanooga is really starting to sound like paradise. 

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Interesting to note, although Chattanooga is the best place to work from home, it’s apparently not the best city to actually move to—that honor goes to Grand Rapids, Michigan, which is the best city for first-time homeowners at the moment. 

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