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Want to grow your own modern-day Victory Garden? Let these photos and tips inspire you.

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Sarah Medina

There are a lot of ways to spend your time at home, from watching what's new on Netflix to helping save the coral reef with NASA, but if you're lucky enough to have a bit of outdoor space as part of your living arrangement, then you might know about the greenest trend on Instagram right now—modern-day Victory Gardens. 

The original Victory Gardens started during World War II, when Americans were urged to plant their own vegetables as the nation faced potential food shortages. The movement quickly caught on and an estimated 40 percent of the nation’s supply of fresh vegetables were soon produced in backyards and community gardens. While the current crisis has not seriously affected foot supplies, depleted grocery store shelves have prompted many Americans to reimagine the trend for the modern day. Now, gardening enthusiasts of all ages are congregating online to share photos of raised garden beds, seeds germinating under grow lights or even flocks of chickens taking over backyards.  

We rounded up some of our favorite modern Victory Gardens currently making us jealous on Instagram. Hopefully they'll inspire you to get outside, just in time for Earth Day. 

Proof you don't need a backyard to grow a garden 

Don't forget you can grow a whole garden in pots 

Or in jars on your windowsill 

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#windowsillgarden 4 days old Romaine,Scallions and Celery. Oh and a couple of older🥑🌳’s

A post shared by Barbara Pachner (@bpachner) on

Don't throw away your avocado pits, you can grow tiny avocado trees 

Try growing an edible mini garden using food scraps 

Even tomatoes don't need a ton of space at first 

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🍅cage & the @empirestatebldg #tomato #quarantineview #viewfrommywindow #quarantinegarden #nyc

A post shared by Rosemary Valenta (@iowalicious) on

Herbs can be a good place to start 

With time, you'll get to this 

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Our first backyard harvest! #quarantinegarden #stayhome #stayhealthy

A post shared by Jessica Kuni (@jess.kuni) on

Happy gardening! 

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