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Photograph: Garrison Brothers
Photograph: Garrison Brothers

How to participate in the 2021 Garrison Brothers Bourbon Takeover of America

This epic nationwide celebration of bourbon will see America’s best bars and restaurants incorporating Garrison Brothers Bourbon into their unique cocktails and dishes

Written by Time Out. Paid for by Garrison Brothers

Whether you’re a bourbon aficionado or just a bit bourbon-curious, we think you’ll really want to know about this delicious two-week festival. The 2021 Garrison Brothers Bourbon Takeover of America—presented by Time Out— will bring innovative bourbon-infused cocktails and dishes to top-tier bars and restaurants across the country from September 13-24.

What does the takeover involve, exactly? In past years, the Garrison Brothers Distillery has run it exclusively in its home state of Texas. This year, it’s going bigger and better. Chefs and mixologists in Texas, California, Florida, New York and Chicago will be incorporating Garrison Brothers Small Batch or HoneyDew Bourbon into their unique cocktails and/or dishes. You're invited to participate by downloading the Garrison Brothers Takeover App (available soon in your app store) to find participating locations near you. As you visit each bar or restaurant to purchase their featured cocktail and/or dish, you'll be asked to rate the feature to collect points redeemable for exclusive Garrison Brothers swag! Not only that, but your ratings will help the Garrison Brothers team determine who will be crowned ‘The Garrison Brother Bourbon Takeover of America Bar/Restaurant of the Year’, with separate east and west-coast winners.


Not only that, but the Garrison Brothers Distillery team and members of the Bourbon Brotherhood (basically, big fans) will be tasting, critiquing and crowning ‘The Garrison Brother Bourbon Takeover of America Bar/Restaurant of the Year’, with separate east and west-coast winners. 

Now for the big question: which bars and restaurants are participating in the 2021 Garrison Brothers Bourbon Takeover of America? Scroll below to find the full list for each city. 

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No purchase necessary. Must be 21 years or older. Offer valid at participating locations only.


Downtown Tampa, FL 

TASTE is a true local food done well institution. They focus on ingredients as opposed to dishes, using local farmers, ranchers and culinary artisans as often as possible. You can consider them part of the “new American cuisine” movement. 

Try this: Mr. Cellophane

Made with Garrison Brothers Small Batch Bourbon, sweet Vermouth and a whole lot more (including clarified milk) this is exactly what a modern classic should be.  

Lakeland, FL

Chef Tina Calhoon is a Florida native, and she's always enjoyed cooking. The southern roots are firmly within her menu, which features original and classic plates that make use of the great regional food in the area.

Try this: Southwestern Hanger Steak 

It's an icon: combining a beautiful bit of beef (6oz, refined) with grilled onions and peppers, roasted red pepper purée and herb cream. There's a side of potato wedges too. Unbeatable. 

And to drink: You Can Call Me Ginger 

Naturally, where there's good southern food, there's good whiskey. Using Garrison Brothers' HoneyDew Bourbon, a ginger liqueur, lemon juice and other ingredients, this is a warming yet fresh cocktail well worth a sip or five.


Riverview, FL 

The new steakhouse on the block. Donovan's does the grill well – and has all your dream sides there for maximum comfort. Salty baked potatoes with soured cream, check. Riverview residents, you won't want to miss this joint. 


What's a steakhouse without a sweet bourbon? Doesn't matter, because this place has one. This super cocktail adds a raspberry liqueur, lemon juice, simple syrup and mint. A refined but ace combination of flavors.

St Petersburg, FL

Just what the doctor ordered. This is a modern barbeque spot that'll have you drooling. Whether it's ribs or pulled pork buns. You're sorted for top-quality smokey meats here. 


That's right, you needn't trek over to Riverdale, the same great cocktail is being served up in St P. Good flavors each side of Tampa. 


Lakeland, FL

Specialising in Latin-inspired cuisines, this spot is a great showcase for Tampa's diverse food scene. Whether you want a smoked chicken mole, red grouper, or some serious Ibérico, take a trip here. 

Try this: HoneyDew Sour

While you're at it, the bar is fantastic. How's this for a tipple: Garrison Brothers HoneyDew Bourbon with a bunch of cirtus, egg whites, cherry, angostura bitters and more. Unbeatable.

Tampa, FL

Can't go wrong with a good pizza, can you? This joint knows its dough, and a lot more (pasta, fried chicken, burgers etc.) Game day is always a great experience here. 

Try this: Maple Honey Old Fashioned 

A beaut of a cocktail showcasing two things: modern twists and the merits of making a cocktail with quality whiskey. This recipe uses Garrison Brothers' HoneyDew Bourbon. 


Tampa, FL

While the name is a list of good things, it isn't all they do. There's chicken and waffle, roasted goods over live mesquite wood, and more. Including their namesake, a whiskey cake. 

Try this: To Chai For 

Naturally, the drinks menu is on-point here too. Including a huge and great whiskey list. We like this drink for showing they're not too serious: Garrison Brothers Small Batch Bourbon with egg white, chai syrup, lemon and mapel. Strange but beautiful. That's how it should be. 

Tampa, FL 

Over a decade in and this Dunedin smokehouse is still owning the scene. With award-winning wings, and a lot more, it's easy to see why. Fresh ingredients, a unique menu full of ace ideas taking loving inspiration from the classics.

Try this: The Bourbon BBQ Glazed Brisket Burnt Ends

I mean the name alone, holy smoke, it sounds great. Basically, it's double-smoked brisket with a Garrison Brothers HoneyDew Bourbon BBQ glaze, and other bits of good. Yes. 

And to drink: Garrison Brothers HoneyDew Strawberry Smash

A home-made whiskey sour with a strawberry and basil twist. Bold, imaginative, and simply delicious. Perfect accompaniment for the excellent food you'll be smashing down. 

Palm Beach

Jupiter, FL

Proper pub food: Scotch eggs, Sliders, Jerk wings. They're all here, along with a bunch of mains and starters all lovingly created using the farm-to-table philosophy. This is good eating, folks. 

Try this: HoneyDew Me A Favor 

You know what's sweeter than great food? Great food with equally awesome cocktails, like this one. Made with Garrison Brothers HoneyDew Bourbon, a house-made rosemary honey syrup, and a load more bits. Great combinations. 

Palm Beach, FL

A Floridian bistro full of local ingredients and seasonal menus, open from brunch to dinner (via happy hour). Tick, tick, and tick. Whether you fancy scallops and shrimp with english peas or charcoal grilled pork chops with parmesan potato, it's all here. 

Try this: Rosebud

We mentioned happy hour, right? Well then, you should get your lips around the Rosebud. A Garrison Brothers HoneyDew Bourbon with rose, prosecco, cointreau and more. Smoke, perfume, bubbles. Huge. 


Palm Beach, FL 

Chef Suzanne Perrotto's earliest kitchen memories are from her parent's restaurant in New York. Pasta was among the main dishes being served up. It's no different here. Sure, there's pizzas, chicken milanese and more. But you essentially need to try the pasta. Maybe one with clams, maybe scallops, maybe short rib. Yup. Take your pick. It's all divine. 

Try this: Amaretto e Arancia

On the side of your food, why not get involved with the cocktails. They're as loving (and crucially nice) as the meals. This is a Garrison Brothers Small Batch Bourbon with Amaretto, espresso and more. Serious. It'll do well post-food too. 

Boynton Beach, FL

This is a top shelf spot like no other. Not only is this the first whiskey bar in Florida, but it also has the largest selection of spirits in the south east. Whether you wanr a cocktail pairing dinner, whiskey tasting sesion, or to just sip some serious spirit, it needs to be on the list. The cocktails, by the way, ridiculous. 

Try this: HYE AF

This mixes up Garrison Brothers Small Batch Bourbon, a toasted coconut syrup, lemon juice and creme de noyaux, in what is a weird, intriguing use of whiskey. These guys know what they're doing though, so do get involved. 


West Palm Beach, FL 

Burgers, whiskey, craft beer. Sold? You should be. We don't even need to mention they're award-winning, but they are! Prime dining and drinking spot.

Try this: Honey Bourbon BBQ Burger

Wipe up that drool. This is a serious 10oz burger with a Garrison Brothers HoneyDew Bourbon Infused BBQ sauce, slaw, and sautéd jalapeños. 

And to drink: Spiced Honey Old Fashioned

Old fashioned done new. This is made with Garrison Brothers HoneyDew Bourbon, spiced honey syrup, fresh rosemary, and other good stuff. That'll cut the grease nicely. 



Boynton Beach, FL

Meat-focussed, seasonal and menus that change on the daily. They're open from 9:00am to 4:00pm for lunch, so if you need a fix, head down then. Why the early time you ask? Because they're a butchers, you can buy regionally sourced clean meats to take home. But, stay for the food. 

Try this: Buttermilk Biscuit Bread Pudding with Garrison Brothers Bourbon Caramel Sauce

Buttermilk Biscuits, with eggs, crispy bacon bits, and a Garrison Brothers Small Batch Bourbon caramel sauce. I mean, come on people!! This is how you dine, big comforting flavours guaranteed. 

And to drink: Clear Eyes, Full Hearts

As the name implies, there's a bar too. And it's taken as seriously as the butchery. This number combines Garrison Brothers Small Batch Bourbon with a huge number of ingredients to make what is essentially the nicest spiked earl grey tea you'll ever have. 


Lake Park, FL

Floribbean. Heard of it? Doesn't matter, you're there. A sumptuous blending of Caribbean, Latin American and West African grub. That's a big Florida flavor. On top of that this restaurant has a seasonal, local focus. 

Try this: Texas Sangria

Another genius merging. Red wine, cirtus, and Garrison Brothers Small Batch Bourbon. It's as good as you hope. 

Jupiter, FL

Even if you have no idea who Duke is, this sounds inviting right? Tacos and Margs. Sign us up. The menu is a lot of fun, from the happy hour to oysters. Great dishes everywhere. 

Try this: The Duke's Old Fashioned 

Somewhere between an OF and a sazerac, it's a real lip-smacker featuring Garrison Brothers HoneyDew Bourbon. 


Boca Ranton, FL

We all have one of those uncles don't we. Don't see them often, but it's probably for the best. Anyway, this isn't quite like that. This place is crazy good. Booze, bites, beats for days. From solid salads and charcuterie plates to huge juicy burgers, it's got the lot. 

Try this: Honey I Shrunk The Kids

Classic uncle move. Decent cocktail this mind you: A nice blend of Garrison Brothers Small Batch Bourbon, coffee liqueur, and a few bitters. 

New York

New York, NY 

You know when you just want simple, good, stuff. Yeah this is it. Dumplings, crepes, a scallion pancake panini with beef, mozzerella and spicy mayo. It's booze food done proper. Good too, given their golden hour has big discounts on the drinks. 

Try this: Peach Fuzz

Simple and good continues in the department of drinking. Garrison Brothers Small Batch Bourbon, with lemon and peach juices, and some other bits. Magical. 

New York, NY

This prohibition-themed joint would've been the connoisseur's choice. It's elegant, chic, simple, and just damn good. From cocktails to beers, wines to nibbles. They've got it all. 

Try this: Smoked Chicken Wings

Smoked chicken wings with a Garrison Brothers HoneyDew Bourbon glaze, is there anything better? Yes, the wings with a Jicama-watermelon salad, for instance. 

And to drink: Barrel Aged Boulevardier

Garrison Brothers Small Batch Bourbon, ombined with cacao-infused bitters, and vermouth. Delicious old-school goodness. 


Brooklyn, NY 

If you're in the area, not coming here would be a crime. Cocktail industry legend John McNulty has opened this place alone, and it's a modern take on a neighborhood bar. Laced with decor inspired by 1980's NYC graffiti, art and music. The wine menu will always have pours for under $10, so there's something for everyone here. 

Try this: Stolen Watts

A flavor bomb like no other. Garrison Brothers Small Batch Bourbon is wonderfully blended with Aperol, sweet vermouth, orange juice and an orange and cherry garnage. A sophisticated and refreshing number, much like the bar itself. 

New York, NY

Does what it says on the door, only, incredibly well. This isn't a dive in the bad sense, but an OG drinking gem. 

Try this: Honey, I Shrunk My Latte

An Irish like none other: Garrison Brothers HoneyDew takes the lead, some bitters, some perk-me-up ingredients later and your party is started. 


Manhattan, NYC

The best things in life are simple and effective. Boilermaker is one of these things: It's a retro-style bar with leather banquettes, top cocktails, beers, and burgers. All done exquisitely. The drinks are the real sell, though. 

Try this: Kentucky Buck

Ye-haw. A fresh, sweet and decadent blend of strawberry-infused Garrison Brothers Small Batch Bourbon, some bitters and fresh lemon juice. Oh, plus soda to make it a long-haul sipping sensation. 


Manhattan, NYC 

Kitchen and Spirits. Open until 2am every week, in the city that never sleeps (you can move along elsewhere when you're done). What more could you want? Additionally, this joint has a good ethos, great drinks, and a good community of people. You'll have a good time, you'll probably even come back. 

Try this: Honey Dew Honey Don't

A bit of a smokey, spicy bombshell, just like you. The cocktail includes Garrison Brothers HoneyDew Bourbon, an ancho Reyes Chili Liqueur, and some other bits. Beautiful. 


Fraunces Tavern, NYC

Revolutionary since 1762, their slogan says. It's a historic (like, has its own museum levels historic) tavern in the heart of lower Manhattan. Given the pedigree, you can be sure the drinks have stood the test of time too. Including this one... 

Try this: Honey Do's

Garrison Brothers HoneyDew Bourbon with a housemade red grapefruit syrup, grapefruit bitters, and a grapefruit wheel garnish. Sweet (and also sour!) 

Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA

For starters, look at the outside of this joint. It's a freakin' giant barrel. You might walk in here on an idle hour, but we're not convinced you'll leave within sixty minutes. The food menu has all the classics you'd want, from snacks and salads to big applewood smoked bacon burgers. The drinks menu is, as you'd imagine, something else. 

Try this: Gold Standard

An instant classic. Garrison Brothers Small Batch Bourbon with lemon juice, chili, honey, Contreau, and ginger bitters plus a candied ginger garnish. A warmer. 

Los Angeles, CA

Grilling and dry-ageing, that's the stuff. This steakhouse put modern-thinking meat on the map, or certainly helped to. Hyper-seasonal produce worked around the peak meat at the restaurant. So you're having meat, obviously. But after?

Try this: Drunken Honey Bread Pudding

The bread pudding. Trust us. This is peak pud. A bread pudding soaked in Garrison Brothers HoneyDew Bourbon with candied pecans. Your dad's favorite. And now, yours too. 

And to drink: Pecan Picante 

Garrison Brothers Small Batch Bourbon, Smoked Chili Pecan Bitters, and so much more. You'll get a little table-side theatre with the order, too. 


Los Angeles, CA

'Where the "drink is queen"', their words not ours. We're inclined to agree though. This lounge in Filipinotown is inspired by world travels, but it focuses on local produce and house-made syrups and shrubs for the garnish. 

Try this: Coffee BLVD

Garrison Brothers Small Batch Bourbon, Campari, Coffee Liqueur, Bitters, and a Cherry garnish. Frankly, the coffee-whiskey crossover has never been so chic. 

Los Angeles, CA

If you want Texas BBQ in Cali, you come here. It really is that simple. The bonus? Their cocktails are off the chain, inspired, wonderful creations. So if you want good liquor with the meat, this is the one. 

Try this: Texas Rattle Snake

It isn't a snake, don't worry. It does pack some bite, though. Garrison Brothers HoneyDew Bourbon, Rum, Campari and Absinthe salt mix with softer ingredients here. It'll cut the meat. 


Theia, Los Angeles 

This spot is a lavish luxurious looking restaurant lounge that has a great ambience and quirky cocktails. But it also has first-rate modern Greek cuisine. It'll serve you it for brunch and dinner too, so you needn't be up all night. About those cocktails though... 

Try this: Garrison Town

Head to Garrison Town, an onslaught of (as the name implies) Garrison Brothers Small Batch Bourbon, Aperol and classic Greek flavours: mint, cucumber, lemon. 

Los Angeles, CA

Try this: Call Collins 

Love a bit of sourness with your sweet? This cocktail blends Garrison Brothers Small Batch Bourbon with sour cherry and hibiscus shrub, fresh lemon juice, soda water, a lemon wheel and cherry garnish. 


West Loop, Chicago, IL

You know why it's called the loyalist? Us neither, but we imagine the customers keep returning. This is a neighborhood bar at its best. A menu of favorites, a two michelin-star sister menu upstairs (with some of the best burgers committed to grill), and a bar stacked with great drinks. 

Try this: Gold Vein

Garrison Brothers HoneyDew Bourbon stars the show, but is accompanied by a whole hose of extras that make for an absolute show in the mouth. 

Rosemont, IL 

Anthony Bourdain voice: Bub City Rosemont. An institution, a place for the stomach – to some, heaven on earth. A sprawling BBQ eatery and bar.

Try this: Honey Old Fashioned

No clue if Tony actually visited the place, but he'd have enjoyed this we're sure. An old fashioned. Straight-up, no gimmicks. Just a good Garrison Brothers HoneyDew Bourbon in there to jazz up the name (and amp up the taste). Great. 


Chicago, IL

They're friendly as "F*CK", whatever f star c k means. Doesn't matter anyway, because this joint is a class act. 60s and 70s inspired decor, a lovely old building, and solid drinks. 

Try this: Texas Old Fashioned

The iconic OF done a little different. Garrison Brothers Small Batch Bourbon for some vanilla and luxury, the usual rest, except for -bam- the addition of a cherry demarara syrup. Go off, Texas. 

Chicago, IL

In the bustling West Loop area, The Press Room is a pretty small restaurant serving the classics well: classic food items, classic cocktails. Classics – you'll find them here. You can also enjoy good accessible wines and equally friendly service. 

Try this: Side Car Named Desire

Side car is one of the oldest cocktails in the game, so yeah this is a classic: good whiskey and triple sec, and some other bits. The whiskey is a Garrison Brothers Small Batch Bourbon, so it's a classic example of that sweet sweet Bourbon. 


Chicago, IL

Grapes and Grain, they're responsible for a lot of good things. Wine, whiskey, granola (depending on the person), grapes – like for snacking. Red, white. They're good too. Anyway, this place, like its prime ingredients, is very good. GG the locals call it. And so should you. 

Try this: Texas Tumble

Garrison Brothers Small Batch Bourbon with berries, lime, soda and mint in various forms. It's a classy bourbon, jazzed up. Take notes for the outfit you're planning. 

Or this: Butter Pecan Caramel Marilyn

It's smooth, it's sweet, it's deliciously warming. Need we say more?

Chicago, IL

Try this: Hye Tai

Everyone loves rum, right? And with this boozy delight, you'll get Garrison Brothers Small Batch Bourbon mixed with Diplomatico Exclusiva Rum, plus the fruitiness of Dimmi Di Milano liqueur, Rothman & Winter Orchard apricot liqueur, lime juice and Giffard Orgeat Syrup.

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