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Laugh your head off with these funny Halloween costumes

Skip the scary route and veer toward humorous when dressing up this Halloween

By Jasmine Dilmanian |

Are you ready for a good laugh? Excellent – because we’ve scared up a bunch of costumes that won’t disappoint for this Halloween. A memorable outfit can be terrifying, bizarre or really underwhelming, but the best way to leave a lasting impression with your Halloween getup is to make it absolutely hilarious. Think human breathalyzer, a shark eating someone alive, a beer pong cup or a whoopee cushion. Whether you’re going to a parade, house party or hitting the streets, any one of these costumes is sure to go down a (trick or) treat.

Halloween costumes that will have you LOLing

1 Funny Halloween costumes gorilla

Monkey business

Is irony your thing? Here, we’ve got the costume for you. This costume makes you look like you’ve been trapped by a giant gorilla. And if you really want to get in character, you can invest in the inflatable banana accessory.

$159.99 on

2 Funny Halloween costumes Lucy

Some splainin’ to do

Do yourself a favor and watch the I Love Lucy episode at the candy factory if you haven’t already. This costume is for those who have some 1950s nostalgia lingering.

$45.99 on

3 Funny Halloween costumes Dumber

Chic and chicer

The iconic blue and orange tuxedos donned by Harry and Lloyd are responsible for some side-splitting laughs throughout the ‘90s. Recreate a piece of history with this ruffled redo.

$149.99 on

fidget spinner halloween costume

Fidget gadget

Both adults and children can enjoy this fidget spinner costume – the little toy that has taken America by storm. Be careful not to be confiscated!

$49.99 on

5 Funny Halloween costumes shark

Jaws of life

If you’ve got a friend with a shark phobia, this hilarious costume is the one to put on. This fish is opening wide while swallowing a poor soul whole. Cue the Jaws music…

$35.55 on

6 Funny Halloween costumes ostrich

Ride with me

What isn’t laughable about a grown adult riding an ostrich? Make everyone at the Halloween party do a double take at this illusion costume.

$64.99 on

7 Funny Halloween costumes beer

Beer cheers

Beer pong is the name of the game you’ll be dressed as in this hysterical Halloween costume. That signature white ball and red cup will bring out just about anyone’s smile.

$31.40 on

8 Funny Halloween costumes foot

What a heel

A certain brand of humor relies on pure disgust. This giant foot costume, complete with hairy toes, is definitely on brand.

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9 Funny Halloween costumes baby

You big baby

If we’re going on the premise that men are just big babies, this inflatable men’s costume really hits the bullseye.

$39.99 on

bob ross halloween costume

Amusing artist

Bob Ross is such an unexpected Halloween costume in 2018 that this one is bound to get a good chuckle. The big hair and matching beard are the cherry on top.

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whoopee cushion halloween costume

Let it all out

Even when you’re not dressed as one, a whoopee cushion is just funny. Bring flatulence to the forefront of Halloween with this comical costume.

$17.99 on

runny nose halloween costume

You're so punny

A funny Halloween costume list wouldn’t be complete without a pun in costume form. Behold: the runny nose!

$15.74 on

shower curtain halloween costume

Shower hour

In the world of hierarchy and elaborate costumes, the walking shower curtain is up at the top. This one can be as private or as self-exposing as you want it to be.

$30.00 on

14 Funny Halloween costumes sex

Risqué business

This “Double Occupancy” walking bed costume makes it appear like the world is catching you in bed with a hot blonde. You’ll have to fake the embarrassment with this one.

$63.99 on

breathalyzer halloween costume

Watch your breath

Dress up as a free breathalyzer text to make everybody crack up this Halloween. If this doesn’t pull people in for conversation, nothing will.

$37.71 on

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