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Photograph by Theo Saffroy / Hans Lucas; provided by Upway

Upway just launched in the US, so now’s the time to ride the e-bike trend

If you couldn’t afford an electric bike before, Upway’s marketplace is now making it possible to saddle up on a safe, sustainable ride.

Written by Kate Schweitzer for Time Out in partnership with Upway

This advertising content was produced in collaboration between Time Out and Upway, without involvement from the Time Out editorial staff.

Spring is finally here, and as much as we’re eager to get outside and enjoy those sunny blue skies, we’ve still got places to be. And no matter how many blooming roses we want to stop and smell, we’re still on a schedule.

If only there was a way to get from Point A to Point B without having to step foot underground to catch a train or into the stuffy backseat of an Uber. We could walk, sure, but who’s got the time? We could hop on a city bike and pump the pedals to our destination, but who knows if we’ll find a parking place when we get there (and, who knows how far away it will be).

So it’s quite impeccable timing that our springtime commuter quandary has been solved by Upway, the top internationally certified electric bike provider, which just announced the launch of operations in the US!

Sure, e-bikes have been on the rise for years—sales firmly kicked off during the COVID-19 pandemic—and they have steadily become one of the nation’s fastest-growing forms of transportation. But this buzzy trend in personal mobility has come with a steep price tag that has made it all but inaccessible to most Americans.

Upway, however, is making electric travel affordable. The first-of-its-kind marketplace offers new and seasoned electric bike riders a trusted one-stop-shop to buying and selling certified e-bikes, up to 60 percent off retail. Want to get out there without the sweat or sky-high price tag? Read on for five reasons to consider Upway.

Five reasons why Upway is the way to go (literally)

Did we mention it’s affordable?
Photograph by Theo Saffroy; provided by Upway

1. Did we mention it’s affordable?

The average price of an e-bike? $2,000. High-end e-bikes can cost $6,000 or more, so it’s no wonder they aren’t parked on every street corner by now. But that’s all poised to change with the US launch of Upway: its platform makes it easy to find the perfect e-bike at a price that fits your budget. In fact, Upway’s bikes are priced up to 60 percent under MSRP. With some models starting at just $999, you can even score premium bikes at mid-range prices. We’re talking brands like Specialized, Tern, Aventon, Rad Power, Riese and Müller, Gazelle and Giant, just to name a few. As for entry-level electric bikes, on Upway, they’re a bona-fide steal.

Its commitment to sustainability is right there in the name.
Photograph provided by Upway

2. Its commitment to sustainability is right there in the name.

At Upway, upcycling is a non-negotiable. You may think the purchase of an e-bike is environmentally conscious on its own, but did you know that 75 percent of the carbon footprint of an electric bike comes from its manufacturing? By giving used bikes—acquired from consumers and retailers—a second life through a stringent, vetted refurbishment process, Upway is helping to reduce those carbon footprints—and prevent those bikes from ending up in landfills after nominal use. And in doing so, it’s providing more opportunities for more people to get on the road in something that’s safe and sustainable.

It takes safety seriously.
Photograph by Theo Saffroy / Hans Lucas; provided by Upway

3. It takes safety seriously.

It may be new to the US, but this isn’t Upway’s first spin in the e-bike market. As a trusted e-bike platform throughout Europe, it has a proven track record of delivering high-quality bikes. All of Upway’s bikes are checked and refurbished by a team of in-house professional mechanics to ensure they meet the highest safety standards. What’s more, Upway only sources e-bikes with components from the most reputable brands, providing shoppers with peace of mind that their bike is safe and reliable.

It has every option for every type of rider.
Photograph by Theo Saffroy / Hans Lucas; provided by Upway

4. It has every option for every type of rider.

Eco-friendly? Check. Affordable? Check. But that’s not all there is to shopping for an e-bike on Upway. Every rider has a unique style and by carefully curating the most popular models from top brands, Upway’s marketplace—as well as its knowledgeable customer service team—makes it easy to discover the e-bike that fits all their needs. Whether they’re commuting to work, riding down a mountain or accompanying their kids to school, Upway has them covered.

It’s fast—and we’re not even talking about the bike itself.
Photograph provided by Upway

5. It’s fast—and we’re not even talking about the bike itself.

From the moment you place your order, you can expect your dream e-bike to arrive at your door within just a couple of days, and it’s guaranteed to arrive within the week! Although we have a feeling you’ll ride into the sunset with your new e-bike, if you do happen to change your mind within 14 days of receiving your bike, you can return it for free with Upway’s hassle-free return policy. The good news doesn’t end there: all Upway bikes come with a one-year warranty that covers all structural parts of the bike, including the frame, battery, motor and electronics.

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