What you need to know about promoted content on Time Out

Time Out's policy on promoted content

At Time Out, we create a variety of content that is paid for by advertisers in both our magazines and on our digital platforms. If a piece of content has been paid for by an advertiser, we will use clear labels to mark it as paid content. We also sell digital advertising—you're probably already familiar with what that looks like

Our paid content falls into two categories: 'presented by' content, which is editorial content that has been underwritten by a brand but created independently by the Time Out editorial team, and sponsor advertising content which is created by Time Out on behalf of a brand or product, in consultation with that brand. 

'Presented by' editorial

Any content labelled 'Presented by' on the Time Out website is editorial coverage that has been underwritten by a brand. This content is written independently by the Time Out editorial team, and the brand does not have any control over the content, beyond suggesting a theme. This content will always be labelled 'Written by Time Out, presented by Brand'.

Sponsor advertising content

Sponsor advertising content is content paid for by a brand, and written by Time Out on behalf of that brand. The brand has the final say over the messaging and direction of the content. This content is advertising and does not constitute an editorial endorsement from Time Out. You can identify sponsor advertising content by the following byline: Written by Time Out for Brand. On the Time Out homepage, and other areas of the site, this content will be labelled 'Sponsor Content'. In the magazine, it will be labelled "Sponsored Advertising Content".