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The best Christmas cookies you can order online for the holidays

Award-winners, sampler boxes, over-the-top decorations—the best Christmas cookies you can order online have you covered


What’s better than baking Christmas cookies? One answer: eating them. So what if we told you that you could get straight to the good part without messing up your kitchen in the process? That's exactly what a select breed of brands offer every year: the ability to order the finest Christmas cookies online right to your doorstep.

Yes, we know there's no denying the joy of baking your own treats—and the amazing aroma of freshly baked cookies. But let's be real: with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, not everyone has the time to spend hours carefully crafting sweets. The best cookie companies that you can order from online are beloved for creating concoctions that, unless you're a world-class baker, you likely couldn't whip up easily. Plus, they're packaged beautifully and make great gifts.

From traditional favorites to avant-garde cookies, the best Christmas cookies to order online will make your holiday season a truly sweet affair.

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Christmas cookies to buy online

Must-have cookie: Chocolate Orange Shortbread (dark and milk chocolate, orange zest, liquor.)

Eggnog isn’t for everyone. But if you’ve got a palate for the polarizing potion, why not infuse the holiday spirit into your Christmas cookies? Laurie Ellen, a former head pastry chef at San Francisco’s Tartine Bakery, first sent her shortbreads to family and friends around the world—demand quickly grew, and, lucky us, they’re now available to the masses. Laurie loves shortbread for its ability to “age beautifully,” and she notes that its flavors actually improve over time. Consider these the fine wine—or fine eggnog—of cookies.

Must-have cookie: Fig shrimp (dried figs, fig paste, Madagascar vanilla, and walnut)

Never forget the age-old K.I.S.S. adage: keep it simple, sweetie. With these simple-yet-elegant treats, you’ll be doing just that. Find joy in tinykeks Bakery’s classic recipes that range from sugar cookies to gingersnaps—perfect for dipping in your Christmas latte or hot cocoa. While ordering, nut lovers will find plenty of peanutty goodness and recipes featuring walnuts, almonds, and more. Not to mention, they happen to look pretty good on the dessert table.


Must-have cookie: Ginger molasses (fresh ginger, molasses, and a homemade blend of warm seasonal spices)

You’ll absolutely win your office White Elephant with these delicious seasonal cookies. Flour & Oats boasts a slew of artisan cookies, so if you’re looking to fancy up your gift swap, order their Mixed Cookie Gift Box. It’s got everything: honey lavender, dark chocolate sea salt, salted caramel snickerdoodle, raspberry linzer sandwiches and more. Let’s just hope you don’t get a lame sugar cookie-scented candle in exchange!

Must-have cookie: Nutella Cookie (Gooey baked goodness with a glob of Nutella)

There are two types of people: those who love crispy cookies, and those who love gooey cookies. For fans of the latter, the mother-daughter duo behind Cookies for the Soul has it in the bag. But don’t hesitate on these cookies because their followers watch their Instagram like hawks waiting to pounce on the next “drop.” If you manage to order a batch of these ultra gooey chocolatey cookies before they sell out, you can have them in your tummy in just a few days.


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Must-have cookie: Peppermint Pretzel Snap (dark chocolate wafer topped with pretzel, peppermint, caramel, and chocolate before it's dipped in white chocolate peppermint bark)

Milk Bar really needs no introduction. Chef Christina Tosi’s whimsically nostalgic creations—like cereal milk ice cream and compost cookies—have been hits from the get-go (she’s earned two James Beard Awards to top it all off). And so it’s a surprise to no one that her holiday treats are a no-brainer, too—that is, if you can snatch one of Milk Bar’s Holiday Lab drops before they sell out. They make for perfectly scrumptious gifts… if you have the willpower not to keep them for yourself.

Must-have cookie: Jinglebread Big Dipper (​​four gingerbread cookies with a side of cream cheese icing)

Insomnia Cookies is all about the accessories. The late-night staple even offers holiday dippers to the masses. That’s right, we’re talking about dipping sauce for cookies. Could it get any better? They’ll ship right to your doorstep, which means you can stay in your jammies as you try their takes on gingerbread or candy cane cookies, not to mention a selection of their classic flavors.


Must-have cookie: Hot Mess (loaded with mango chunks, white chocolate, and tequila, topped with Hot Cheetos)

Have you ever wanted to eat a cookie while getting a kick in the pants? Thanks to Molly Bz Gourmet Cookies, you can do just that. The online sweets slinger offers different alcohol-infused treats like the Big Joe cookie, which incorporates rum and coffee beans. Getting her start in Alaska as a single mom, Molly Blakely built several businesses from the ground up—she even took a fish taco food truck on the road. But it wasn’t until her cookie business picked up that she became a cookie-lebrity.

Must-have cookie: Holiday Cookie Box

Who needs a holiday cookie exchange when you can buy a whole spread for yourself? Ross Canter left a career as a screenwriter to start Cookie Good with his wife, Melanie, in 2007 (if you take one look at the delicious confections they’re creating, it’s hard to imagine Canter doing anything else). Cookie Good offers a dozen holiday creations, from a marshmallow-topped hot cocoa cookie to a candy cane swirl. It seems nearly impossible to try just one, but luckily, they traditionally offer a Holiday Cookie Box come December with all 12, available in up to five dozen batches (for those of us who don’t like to share).

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