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Time Out Tastemakers: FAQ

All you need to know about joining Time Out's group of city-scouring fun finders

So, what is it you’re asking me to do?
We want you to tell us all about the amazing things you’re doing in your city by leaving reviews and posting pictures on our listings. And because our editors can’t be everywhere at once, it would also be great if you let us know about hot new openings that might not yet be on our radar. 

How often would I need to post things?
Don’t worry, we know you’ve got other things to do. Most Tastemakers write around 8-10 reviews each month. If it’s more, great. Gold star for you.

Do I have to be nice about places, or agree with Time Out’s critics?
Absolutely not. If you hated the new dog-café-slash-Peruvian-cocktail-pop-up we gave five stars, we want to know about it, as long as you can explain your reasons.

Can I tell people I work for Time Out?
Afraid not – Time Out conducts all of its bar and restaurant reviews anonymously, and arranges film and theatre reviews through PR agencies. Dropping our name will result in bouncers getting shirty and things getting properly #awkward. It could also lead to your removal from the Tastemaker group. In any event, Tastemakers do not work for Time Out and nor are they paid. 

So what’s in it for me? Is there any, y’know [rubs thumb and forefinger together]
There’s no money involved, no, but you’ll gain access to special Tastemaker-only rewards, including exclusive access to new shows and exhibitions, a place on the guest list whenever Time Out throw a party and good old-fashioned material possessions.

What's the small print about selection into the Tastemaker squad?
Tastemakers will be selected based on a number of criteria including writing ability, having a true love of London and knowledge about local areas. Time Out reserves its full discretionary rights in the selection of the Tastemakers and Time Out's decision wil be final; no discussions will be entered into reconsideration. 

Free stuff? Sold! How do I apply?
Stick your details in the Tastemaker form below and we’ll be in touch.

And does that mean I’m definitely in?
Not quite. Remember, we’re looking for people to represent Time Out, so we’ll only be calling upon the most outgoing, city-exploring, sleep-shunning people we hear from. Write something original or funny and stand out from the crowd. Good luck!

I made it! I'm a Tastemaker! So what happens next? 

Well, obviously you get a badge. It wouldn't be a club without a badge.

Cool. Tell me more...

It's a way to tell everyone you’re part of the Time Out Tastemaker club and one of our very best user reviewers. This small black badge appears under your name in the user review part of the website. Wear it with pride!

C'mon guys, I'm a new Tastemaker and I want my Tastemaker badge–where is it? 

We're working on it! Unfortunately, your Tastemaker badge won't show up on the site immediately. It can take up to two weeks to apear. 

Why can’t I see my badge on an old review?

Try writing a new review and refresh the page. This should backdate all of your old reviews with the badge. Still not working? Then drop us an email.

I can’t see my badge on a new review, what should I do?

First things first: try refreshing the page. Still no sign of it? Then drop us an email.

How come I can't see my badge when I use the Tastemaker app?

At the moment, your Tastemaker badges don't show up on the app – only on the website. Oh, and the app only allows you to upload one photo, whereas on the website you can add multiple. The app is a work in progress – we're working hard to make it the best it can be.

Why are my reviews pending or disappearing?

If you write a review and it goes to 'pending' or temporarily disappears, don't panic. This just means we need to approve it before it appears on our website. It usually happens when you've attached a photo or used a word it thinks we should check over (and it's very oversensitive). We always approve Tastemaker posts and the moderation queue is checked Monday to Friday.

Can I edit or delete my reviews?

Go for it. Simply click 'more' underneath your review. From there you can edit or delete it any time.

How do I add my new favorite place? 

Head over to and add any place you like! It normally takes us 3-5 working days to get them live.

What about events? 

We are very rarely able to add events if they are not already listed on Time Out. That said, if you have something special, drop your community manager an email.

I want to access all of my reviews in one place, can I do that?

Of course. Just head to your account area and click on 'My Profile' You can also share that link with friends and family to show them your writing.

I can’t find a venue on the website, but I'm positive it’s there. What do I do?

We’re working on our search capability but if you’re having trouble finding something, drop your community manager an email.

I can’t login, what do I do?

Try re-setting your password and check all the details are correct. If you’re still having difficulty, drop an email to and try to give as much information as possible about what you’re seeing.

Contact the Tastemaker team

Rosie Akenhead
Senior Manager - Audience Engagement (and chief #TOTastemaker!)
Rosie heads up our Tastemaker communities worldwide, based out of London. If you have questions about the Tastemakers—you can start your query with her.

Twitter: @rosieakenhead
Instagram: @rosieakenhead

Cezara Popa
Marketing Manager - Partnerships & Blog
Cezara looks after our business relationships on the Tastemaker front. She works closely with restaurants, pop ups, event organisers and more to get Tastemakers in Los Angeles to events.


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