The 50 best restaurants in Barcelona

The top spots for guaranteed quality, mouth-watering cuisine. Whether you fancy Catalan, Italian, Basque, French or Asian, you’ll find your fill in these 50 best restaurants in Barcelona.



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Barcelona is one of the world's best cities when it comes to eating and drinking. The locals already know that, and so do the gastronomy pros who, year after year, award Barcelona restaurants with distinctions that raise the city up to the podium of great international cuisine. The offer is varied, high-quality, monumental - from the neighbourhood tapas bar that's been around forever to the 23 restaurants boasting Michelin stars. Though it's quite the difficult task, we've come up with a list of the 50 best restaurants in Barcelona, those with the most trusted menus among the multitude of hot tables in town. Pull up a chair, order a nice vintage, and enjoy!

  • Catalan cuisine

    Ten spots to try the best of the local dishes
  • Dos Palillos

    Signature cuisine

    The most creative dishes from the city's chefs at the top of their game
  • Italian cuisine

    Where to get Barcelona's best pizza, pasta lesser-known Italian specialities
  • French cuisine

    Five spots that bring the finest of French cooking to Barcelona
  • Asian cuisine

    From Thailand to Japan, Indonesia to India, these are the 15 top spots to try the city's most exotic dishes
  • Basque cuisine

    Where to go in Barcelona when you want to try the rich variety of foods from the Basque Country

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