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Streams of humanity jostle excitedly here for the chance to take pictures of each other planting a smacker on the waxen visage of fame and fortune. Madame Tussaud brought her show to London in 1802, 32 years after it was founded in Paris, and it’s been expanding ever since, on these very premises since 1884.

There are now some 300 figures in the collection: current movie A-listers who require no more than a first name (Brad, Keira, Arnie), as well as their illustrious forebears for whom the surname seems more appropriate (Monroe, Chaplin); a bevy of Royals (not least Wills and Kate), and sundry sportsmen and -women – not just Nadal, Tendulkar, Muhammad Ali and Messi, but an Athletes’ Village of 2012 Olympians, among them Jessica Ennis and Usain Bolt. Rihanna can be found hanging out among the Music Megastars, while Dickens and Einstein kick back together in the Culture section.

If you’re not already overheating, your palms will be sweating by the time you descend to the Chamber of Horrors in ‘Scream’, where only teens claim to enjoy the floor drops and scary special effects. Much more pleasant is the kitsch ‘Spirit of London’ ride – a taxi pod through 400 years of London life.

Tussauds also hosts Marvel Super Heroes 4D. Interactives and waxworks of Iron Man, Spiderman and an 18ft Hulk provide further photo-ops, but the highlight is the nine-minute film in ‘4D’ (as well as 3D projections, there are ‘real’ effects such as a shaking floor and smoke in the auditorium). Arrive early to avoid the often huge queues.

Venue name: Madame Tussauds
Address: Marylebone Rd
Opening hours: 9.30am-5.30pm daily; check website for earlier & later opening
Transport: Tube: Baker St
Price: £30; £25.80 4-15s; free under-4s; £108 family

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Victoria A

We enjoyed our visit to Madame Tussauds Wax museum. The most enjoyable part for me was London Taxi ride. Did not like making a wax hand. The wax was too hot to dip my hand into. The skin on my hand was red and burnt ( like sun burnt) kind of effect Where is the health and safety? The other section that I did not enjoy was the scary chamber. They have actors to dress up to scare people. This horrible figure just keep blocking my way and would not let me cross. When I start pushing her out of the way, she got angry and started shouting "no touching , this is only a job." I think she got a dangerous job there. If it gets too much, visitor may start punching her. That explained why she block my way and not my husband because I am much smaller.


We enjoyed the visit to Madam Tussand. We met both Samuel and Michael, Jackson. This is a great place to hire for a company party, but if the cost is prohibitive you could check out other venue options at or visit the Party Ideas Incubator on YouTube. The statues at Madame Tussauds are so real that you easily start speaking to one before realising that it hasn't responded. Imagine if they took it to the next level and sampled the person's voice and fitted motion detectors and face recognition to sense when someone spoke to the statue, so that it replied and calls your name. Anyone who now develops this idea needs to send me a gratuity. Twitter/bigsands.

Victoria Ward

Definitely worth a morning! Negatives: Queueing - if you don't book online (which if you want to use a 2 for 1 voucher like we did, you can't), then expect to queue for about 2 hours, this is about what we queued on a weekend in august, arriving at madam tussauds at 9am Scream - a new attraction, included in the general admission price, however, we didn't really rate it, we didn't find it scary and so it just ended up holding up our day and with us having to queue a bit more whilst we were in there, however, there is the option to skip this part, I'd take it! The crowds - obviously there are a lot of other tourists and trying to get a picture with your favourite wax star is a bit of a battle, but certainly not impossible, leave the manners at home and be forceful! Positives Price - we had a two for one voucher which meant it was only £15 each, which is an absolutely bargain, we would have been happy paying £30 each for it, and if you book online or buy tickets as part of an attraction pass it's cheaper anyway. The waxies - obviously lots of fun! The Marvel 4d cinema - fantastic, if you haen't been in a 4d cinema before you're in for a surprise! Taxi ride through the history of London - I think this is the part of Madam Tussauds that changes, but we loved this part and if its counterparts are as good then I'm sure you'll love those too! Tips Make sure you not hungry before you go in as you'll be in there for while! It wouldn't hurt to take a few snacks in with you, you can buy food in there but I'm not sure what the prices are like! We spent about three and a half to four hours there including queueing time, and I'm sure a lot of people linger a lot longer, so allow a full morning or afternoon! Obviously it depends where you're staying as to how you get there, we were staying near Trafalgar square and we found it an easy 25 minute walk at that quiet time of the morning, which saved us a little bit on the tube! Enjoy!